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Shock! Horror! How Long? — 7 Comments

  1. What I do know & believe is Jesus Christ is coming back one day unexpectedly from the Cloud/Air with lots of Angels blowing trumpets to announce His coming! In that moment & on that day within the twinkle of an eye, many will be disappearing while others will be changed. The unsaved will be confused & crying for Mercy! This is a summary of a dream I had years back & have shared on this platform before. Only God knows when this would happen! Just as Bro Chris rightly said, let’s preach Jesus, repentance, be prepared any day. Let’s stop all these hot arguments on pre/post tribulations that’s taking us no where! There are works to be done! Lets be focused! Thanks

  2. Good article. And, yes, how so true that we are to keep on working for our Lord until the time comes for us to go to Heaven. During these times that are so trying, that can take a big effort on our part in being fully submitted to Jesus and not in the flesh. I know that I’ve caught myself bouncing back and forth in my comments on You Tube to what is mentioned and to my responses to this.

  3. Our heavenly Father does not want anyone to perish.  I have members in my family that need to be born again.  I think we need to pray without ceasing for the harvest to come.  People are blinded and being deceived by the enemy of our soul.  However, as the days get darker, those who are spiritual are in a fierce battle because we know that the enemy has but a little time left. Many of us are waiting on the Blessed Hope, which is biblical of the rapture. Our Father is a merciful Father and He knows what He is doing.  I pray all the nations come to repentance soon and embrace the King of kings and Lord of lords for He is the desire of the nations.  Many blessings to you all!!! I covet your prayers for members of my family.

  4. I would encourage people who are interested in knowing the season of Jesus coming for His church what do you see right now do you see THE NEW ERA ON TOP OF US, if you are trying to escape trouble or need to be delivered from anything and the rapture is your answer YOU ARE WRONG this is not God s plan or His will or His word!!!!!!!! The one who understands what Jesus overcame what Jesus did to the evil serpent kingdom and walks in and occupies and enforces this victory of Jesus letting Jesus’ words permeate infuse and impregnate us till we overcome all the power of the enemy if you want to judge yourself watch your thoughts which ones you yield to (temptations) listen to your words do you really want them all to come to pass, then get busy you have been redeemed you have been made brand new you have a new kingdom to live in moving to Heaven great, living with your Father in the earth great, everything you need to enjoy life is supplied where ever you live. To those who love prophetic study to know thing concentrate on the parable of the good samaritan there is a great hidden truth inside open it up

  5. Jesus has revealed to me that the second coming is where we are to put our hopes. Jesus has plans to win the war against “original sin”. We are going into battle now. We must take part in his suffering. This suffering will be internal. As we wait upon his return. The rapture, as is commonly understood, doesn’t appear to be biblical. Jesus talks about a second coming. It’s possible the rapture concept isn’t the correct understanding. Rather a war that Jesus will win in the coming days.

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