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  1. “Those who choose to remain silent when it comes to the truth of the gospel will be denied before God.  Those who choose to open their mouth and proclaim the truth will be persecuted for righteousness sake, but theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

    Hello sister and God Bless you.
    If you allow me I will expand God’s meaning of truth, which is not limited to ‘only’ the Gospel.
    I can witness of that. In and through my job I meet many whom, in an ‘anti-Christ environment’ not are afraid of to say they believe in Jesus Christ.
    But, as one single example among many lies; when giving a person who suffer from psychiatric or dementia problems, the very same people who claim they are Christians, willingly gives medication to these sick people while telling them it is vitamins, or say to the dementia things which are lies, just for the reason to keep them “calm.”
    The reason they don’t refuse to lie and tell the truth is that first and foremost they are not ‘renewed in their mind’ and not aware of that they are lying, and the second is that they will not risk their jobs and income, which is a witness of that they don’t trust in God.
    It is time to obey ALL God’s commandments no matter any circumstances because ALL liars and ALL cowards will end in the lake of fire and there will be no excuse for anyone who will not take this seriously.
    The blessings God gives to those who obeys Him surpasses any suffering endured for righteousness sake. Amen.

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