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Wonderful things in San Diego County! — 2 Comments

  1. Very well stated.  God is doing that here in Louisiana too. 
    When believers become offended they operate in fear and no longer trust anyone. 
    A great success for satan in the Kingdom of God. 
    True Church will be united in love and working for the Kingdom of God, the false church will be those offended, jealous, operating with a murderous spirit of Cain, and will be used to destroy the true Christians and true church. 
    We have to be able to discern what is around us.  We are told to test the spirits. 
    God is raising up HIS ARMY!  They will march in sync, operate in LOVE, exhibit the gifts and fruit of the Spirit, humility, will hear the same thing at the same time and will flow in an unprecedented unit, because they are Generals and workers for the Most High God, our Supreme, Sovereign Authority! 
    I want to be in that ARMY!!  I am in Army!

    • Yes, Cheryl, you are right. This article is not meant in any way to be negative but to simply help us all be aware of Satan’s tricks so that we recognize them quickly and refuse to get side tracked by those distractions. There are so many good things happening all over the place. In order to sustain this move of God we all need to be wiser than our enemy and let love win the day!

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