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  1. Dear Sandi
    Ohhh…..taking in every part of the Word that you have shared….
    so many layers to bring before Him…That He might have every part of our heart…nothing holding back…

    Are we willing… to submit to “the sword that pierces our heart” in the process of Him purifying our heart?…
    Willing to go lower … that He might be exalted … The flesh can cling so tightly …but by His Great Grace… as we continually keep in a humble state of loving accountability to His beautiful gaze….We BEHOLD HIM….and we are changed…

    From the Passion Translation:
    Song of Songs 4:6
    I’ve made up my mind.
    Until the darkness disappears and the dawn has fully come,
    in spite of shadows and fears,
    I will go to the mountaintop with you—
    the mountain of suffering love
    and the hill of burning incense.
    Yes, I will be Your bride.

  2. Amen, Sandi! Powerfully truer words never been spoken. Much you spoke here I can personally identify with.

    May I add here, even when an issue has been dealt with to the Lord and we know how to receive self- deliverance, we can ‘choose’ to entertain an old thought and bring the offense and memory ‘back’.

    Maybe perhaps too at times it’s like that ‘onion’ being peeled back and there is still that ‘layer’ the Lord in His mercy needs to expose?
    We must go all the way with it, for sure!

    Every morning fresh I have to ask the Holy Spirit gently please shine His light directly into my heart, and show me any thing needs revealing.

    I have a spiritual daughter who is a mighty warrior (here let me say). Yet, she asks the Lord to just ‘gut her like a fish.’ 
    For me, I desire to walk in freedom, but don’t ask exactly that way, lol!

    The important thing is I feel we must Obey the Word you wrote if we are to be in a place to help others.

    We surely can’t minister as
    effectively with issues of the heart not healed.

    I love you much, beloved one. Thank you again.

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