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Speak and Release Life into Every Situation — 4 Comments

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare.  This lines up my my dream this week.  Dreamt of my grandmother on my dad’s side (who passed in 1983), and my twin brothers who died at birth.  In my dream my grandmother was getting married.  I never saw a groom, but there was a large dinner table, and before the dinner and ceremony my brothers were helping me get my tent ready and with supplies. Grandma was mopping.  I ask Father God to help me with the take away from this dream, and I saw PREPARE.  In my dream it was fitting that my dad’s mom was with my twin brothers because she’s the one who arranged their burial at birth.and was the only one that was able to see them in the hospital. I don’t believe I have ever had a dream of them before.

  2. Sorry about your hacked laptop again. Its one of those tests that you must persevere to overcome in Jesus name. May Jehovah El Shaddai make provisions soon for a brand new laptop in Jesus name(my prayer point now).
    Dear God’s vessel of honor Sandi, early hours of 9/11/2022, I also heard loud & clear a voice that said “Here I come”.  I am sharing this word for the third ttime because i didnt understand the phrase & was disturbed when I woke up since there was no further instructions. But to God be the Glory who led me to two previous prophetic words (before yours) on HKP that gave indepth explanations of the phrase with your article been the 3rd explanation & confirmation. Father, like the sons of Issachar, give us all the Grace to know; understand the TIME we are in; stand; be prepared & seek YOU so we don’t miss YOUR appointed time of blessings/promises in Jesus name. Thanks. More Divine Strength & Wisdom.

    • Oh Adams, thank you. I have chills just reading your response…yes HE is indeed confirming and I believe He is coming sooner than we ever imagined to put things in order for this is our appointed time to Arise and Shine. I so appreciate the openness of your heart and the depth of your love that shines through all of your words. Thank you for your words of honor for the vessels of the Lord who listen to His heart. Many blessings and prayers for you, Sandi

      • To God alone be all Glory Dear God’s vessel of honor Sandi. I agree absolutely with you that our God is nearer than we could ever imagined. We all need to be vigilant , wise & ever prepare for now is God’s perfect timing of visitation. That’s why Satan & his agents are on loose, so angry & causing so much chaos, pains, deceptions etc so as to disfocus God’s children. We plead the blood of Jesus against satanic deceptions & chaos in Jesus name. Thanks for your kind response & prayers. God uphold you, your family & ministry.

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