Because of the Prophetic Word I have heard about a huge Earthquake coming to Japan, I am calling a SPECIAL PRAYER MEETING on FACEBOOK….  IT WILL BEGIN WHEN YOU SEE THIS NOTE APPEAR ON MY FACEBOOK WALL. 

I have been hearing, while praying this morning in the Spirit (tongues) what sounds like to me Japanese Language.  I was in Japan for some two years in the military and I heard Japanese but only learned how to speak greetings etc. To me it was a very difficult language to learn to speak.   Now I hear that coming and with it I have heard him speaking to me about CALLING A SPECIAL PRAYER MEETING HERE FOR JAPAN AND THE JAPANESE PEOPLE.

I know God is moving in a very real way right now and that many in Japan will see and know his hand in their lives in many special ways.  He told me this morning:

THUS SAITH THE LORD:  “I am building hedges of protection about my people in Japan.  I move to offset the enemy to destroy them.  The enemy will not accomplish his goal; I WILL STEP IN.”


***NOTICE:  Please help me pray here FOR JAPAN.  I know there are many many who need prayer here that are not in Japan and I understand that, but please pray with me about Japan and with those who come here with prayer request from Japan or Japanese who are praying for family in Japan, etc.

***THIS IS A SPECIAL CALLED PRAYER MEETING JUST FOR JAPAN AND IMMEDIATE AREA AROUND JAPAN.  PLEASE PRAY WITH ME. I have as well heard that other Island nations near Japan could be affected.  (perhaps Tsunami or even shaking) So others in that part of the world could be involved.  To what ever extent I do not presently know.  But I felt I should add this to this Note. 

*ALL PRAYER REQUEST LISTED IN THE COMMENT SECTION WILL BE PRAYED OVER IN THE SPIRIT.  The Lord told me to write out my tongues so please understand I AM PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT.  Do not expect an interpretation necessarily from me.  One may come, to me or someone else, but just know I obey the Lord in doing this.

This Prayer Blog will be open as Long as the Lord tells me to keep it open.  IF I DO NOT ANSWER YOU DIRECT ON THE THREAD “DOES NOT” MEAN THAT I AM NOT PRAYING HERE.  I will be here praying.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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  1. I declare that no weapon formed against Japan will prosper. I declare that God will set up a standard against the enemy of Japan. I plead the blood of Jesus over all of Japan and other Countries in harms way. Father I praise you for your divine protection, thank you for your warriors and angels that you have already assign to help save and protect Japan. I declare what the enemy meant for evil God will turn it around for Japan’s good and God will be glorified. Thank you Jesus. Let God arise and let His enemies be scatter in seven directions. It is so… Amen Amen.