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  1. We are made in Gods image… so what is Gods image?
    Jesus came to earth as a man in the flesh.
    Father God is Spirit
    The Holy Spirit is layered which is how we can all receive Him now that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father.

    We are made up of a body, soul and spirit.

    I believe our body represents Christ
    Our Spirit represents the Father
    And our soul represents the Holy Spirit.

    We are seated in the heavelies with Christ Jesus (a layer of our soul is)

    We are meant to live here and in heaven with God at the same time. I know this because that’s what Jesus did. He was here but did nothing apart from the Father or never spoke anything other then what the Father showed Him to speak.

    That’s the Kingdom

    Unless you are born again of spirit and water you can not enter the Kingdom.

    Jesus came to teach the Kingdom to the religious people of His day… He was telling them that they were like white washer tombs but we are supposed to be the temple of the living God.

    Jesus preached on hillsides boats and went into religious temples to set them free from religion and preach the kingdom to deliver them.

    Gods Kingdom is also within us.

    Praise be to His Holy name.
    The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth!

    • I believe I articulated the differences between the soul and the spirit. The spirit that part of us which is ever lasting, and yes that is the part where we were created in His image. The soul is not the spirit as I thought I had made clear, and which is also shown throughout the scriptures.  Thank you.

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