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Spirit-Craft Circuit Board Art! — 3 Comments

  1. How do we pray for the church to arise and to recognise the need for the 5 fold ministry? How do we recognise the apostle and prophet that God has raised up at this time for breakthrough in our individual nations? Sorry I have more questions then answers.
    Value your input.

  2. I ordered Andrew Whalen’s book on Audible back in December when it first came out. I read the dreams and decrees every day, and this is yesterday’s.
    We decree that the Church is waking up for the sake of the children. We decree that America (or your Nation) is waking up for the sake of the children. We decree that the witchcraft intended to defile and control the young generations is now being cut off and destroyed. We decree that the youth of America (or your Nation) will be delivered from the sorcery in media, and see visions and dreams from Heaven! We decree a great awakening and revival among the youth of this Nation! We declare that covens, witches, and satanists who cast spells and spread darkness are now being driven out of every mountain of society. We decree Operation Fury has commenced against all witchcraft targeting our children, in Jesus Name!!
    God bless you Veronika. I lost my eldest daughter in 2004, she was just 16 years old. Satan’s not messing around, his plan is to kill, destroy, corupt and pervert this generation…..BUT GOD!!!!

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