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Prophetic Warning: Crop Failure! — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, Saw the famine coming 2014 christmas eve He talked @ blight
    & also in 90’s & later invasion visions & words on chinese & Russians & arabs within… a blitzkrieg He said

  2. Several prophets, including Jennifer Leclaire recently, have warned about Russian Troops on US Soil. She recommended lots of prayer.

  3. I had a dream this past Friday that I didn’t get the meaning until now.  I dreamed I was with 2 teens at a restaurant & we were celebrating our first paycheck & the girls wanted to goto a nice place, we went but hadn’t received our paycheck yet and so we sat but didn’t order.  Later a girl came & told us they were about to close & we needed to sign a paper stating we owed them 80.00, the teens were doing this but I was not, I was not happy that they wanted to charge us for absolutely nothing.  The total would have been 240.00.  In Hebrew 200= inadequate, lacking what is necessary or required.  40=trails, probation,

  4. Hi, out of curiosity why didn’t you look at the Hebrew24 in strongs as that looks relevant too.  Plus from a beginner in prophetic things why did you feel 24 was more relevant that 240 from the time 2:40?  Was it just a sense you got?

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