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The Spirit & Power of Elijah — The Fire of God — 6 Comments

  1. Finally in the middle of His whole history, Jesus came down as a son of God, our savior through His chosen nation according to the prophecy. God manifested himself to the world for His people and lots of next generations left. Now the same things are happening again. People on the earth almost forgot the creator, God on the 3rd heaven. Satan has been trying to erase God from people the same way as past. Different forms but same agendas. By using conventional weapons into high-tech weapons. So it is clear that God has to manifest himself again through His servants like Elijah written in the Bible. In this end time, God will show himself to the world as the number one authority and the most high through His new weapons. Hallelujah! Glory to God. Your message reminded me of this. Thanks for precious message, pastor Ty.

  2. I thought about “this” repeatedly when I grew up. “This” is why Jesus had to come down from the heaven. My result was that God had to send His son because the evil world and people almost erased His existence on earth. Noah’s descendants started to spread to all the lands around them. They recognized they had to worship God, but they began to abandon God because they chose Baal and the worldly spirits related to 2nd heaven wherever they settled down. Satan burned all the early documents about God and His obedient people by using invasions and wars. People on the earth stared to forget the creator, God. They did what they wanted to do in all lands as well as in Israel.

  3. Awesome word from the Lord…Elijah is also to do with Image/ Father/ see/ Go… Elisha is also to do with Likeness/ Son/ Know/ Come… and John the Baptist is to do with Dominion/ Holy Spirit/ Abide (John 15)Do this.

  4. Thank you for posting this awesome Word.  I will read it over and over for there is much to meditate upon.  It is confirmation of many things the Lord has put in my heart and i am greatful for all He is preparing to accommplish through His body.  Very fascinating!!!

  5. This word. Oh my goodness. You just tied up so many loose ends for my understanding. Thank you and bless you man of God.

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