Spiritual Wickedness, in High Places


There were many, who were very sincere, and expressly dedicated in their walk with the Lord.  They didn’t always get it right, and some things were done, out of simple ignorance; in other words, we didn’t know any better.  The question is, do we now?

All of this talking and attempting to reason, is not going to mean anything, unless we face some things we might not want to.  Everything, about it, was for an intended end.

Some suffering started, when we were yet children.  As it was with Joseph, persecution and rejection from family and friends, had its toll, early on.  We had no idea then, what we were being prepared for.  Now, it makes more sense; then, it just made us very sad.

I want to say, that if we ever sincerely desired to be used of God, and to do a work for Him, we were not left totally defenseless.  I’ve come to realize over the past few years, He was there, all along.

There were things we needed to know.  And one of them, was how to do, spiritual warfare. So God sent His messengers, those who had been taught by the Spirit, to speak to us, and to help teach us.  They were asked to come to our largest and most intense camps and conferences.  They told us about these High Places; about the ranks of the army of the rulers of the darkness, of this world.  They were experienced; they shared those experiences with us and told us what they did to overcome them, and how we could do it too.

Don’t let anyone tell you, that we were not exposed to that, for a very good reason.  Many of us gained knowledge, through our very own encounters with such things.  It doesn’t set well with those who have never seen these things, but we saw angels; both good and bad.  We learned how to discern, which was which.  From the very smallest beings, to those who stood high above buildings, we saw those who stood guard over cities, and even churches. And we also encountered them, in the Spirit realm.  We were also scorned.

I could call names, but I won’t.  They showed us how to do true spiritual intercession; even how to use our bodies, to go deeper in the Spirit; to fight against, and bind these principalities.  And I am telling you, it was not for nothing.  You know why?

Because we are going to need it, right now.

Those who were teachable and truly sought the deeper things of the Spirit, have never forgotten it.  After all, how could you.  When the real change comes, and it will, God is going to call forth, those who know how.  Human kind, cannot overcome these forces, that are starting to tramp across this earth.

The church, that was trained in the Spirit, can.  In the High Places.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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