Spiritual Wickedness


We learned some things.  Tools, were placed into our hands; they were not tools of men, and they were not of men.  They were of the Spirit.

There are many of us in this land, and even right here on this site, who were exposed to things many people today, know nothing of.  We’ve been in about every kind of revival meeting, conferences, both local and general, camp meetings, all night prayer meetings, and even Bible conferences.  I believe today, we have heard everything we were meant to hear.

It was the act of God, to send evangelists of every kind, to minister to His people; to prepare them for the work He had for them to do.  I know personally, that mightily anointed teachers of the Word, have crossed out paths.  We saw, what we were supposed to see.

They could demonstrate what they proclaimed; backed up by the fruit of the Spirit and a deep knowledge of that Book.  Whether someone was from the city, or the rural countryside, the ways of how to operate in the Spirit, move in the Spirit and follow the Spirit, were made known to a great host of believers here.  It was for a reason.

I recall very well, when a man of God with much experience and knowledge, one who had seen tens of thousands receive the Holy Ghost, came to teach us how to do deep intercessory prayer.  He spoke of getting into a certain birthing position, and how to bear down in the Spirit, praying ever so deeply.

He knew all about those principalities and powers and the rulers of darkness, and how to deal with them.  We were taught how that these forces, had to be bound, in cities and even countries.  There were those, who did not want this taught; likely, because it was for the pew, and the pulpit.

It does not take a super-spiritual individual, to see quite clearly, that much of what we see going on right now, is not merely just flesh and blood.  There has to be some very powerful spirits, that are behind the atrocities stalking this world.  I have to rush on.  If anyone thinks that all of this is going to be stopped, eradicated and solved by the ways of men, they are thinking in the flesh.

We were taught, that the true Church, was the most powerful source there was.  And the very gates of hell, could not prevail against it.

There is indeed a shaking, in the land; it started some time back, but most people failed to see it.  I want to speak today, about a different kind of shaking.

We were not taught and learned what we did, for nothing. It does not matter what anyone else is doing; or what they might think they control.  God is going to shake us, and shake us heavily, and remind us of some of the things we were given.  A great host of people, have known for a very long time, that this battle, would only be decided, in the realm of the Spirit.

Holding back or suppressing to control the way of the Holy Ghost, has only set us back.  Many of our children, don’t even know how to pray in the Spirit; and most of our grandchildren, have never even heard about it; much less seen it.

But there are those of us, who know how; we know very well what we must do.  I feel, that we will have no choice; otherwise, we and ours, will be overcome.  We can see much wickedness in our land and around the world now; even in churches.

Some of us are trying to fight man; and it’s not working.  We’ve been on another level; a much higher plain than where we are now.  Truthfully, we already know what to do.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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