Step Onto the Dance Floor of Destiny!

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Beloved – Time to Case Your Nets!

“Time to cast your nets on the right side, the radical side,”  says God.

Decree:  His Love, Power and Provision WILL NOT pass me by….!

In this hour I hear the Spirit say, “Come My Beloved Enter into the wealth of My Kingdom, where My Love is boundless and extravagant.

My Power is unlimited and unreasonable.  My Provision is super-abundant and extreme.Beloved, take Me at My Word.  See if I will not Rescue and Restore, Revive and Renew.  I have seen you in your emptiness and weariness, striving and working all day and all night, desperate to get ahead.  Yet still the nets of Expectation have come up empty.

Beloved, take Me at My Word.  Let’s Go into the Deeper waters together.  Let’s go where your faith has not gone before.

Now cast your nets once again.  This time, cast them on the right side, the radical side, the unreasonable side, the side where faith has no restraint, no restriction and no limitations!

Beloved, watch as My Love, Power and Provision fills your nets, fills them to where they are overflowing, bursting and breaking under the pressure of My Goodness, Grace and Supernatural Favour and Supernatural Multiplication.

Watch!  For you will even call to others to come and share in the Increase, the joy, the overflow and the Abundance.

I tell you the truth, My hand is now moving to redeem what has been lost, revive what has been dead, restore what has been stolen and renew what has grown old and stagnant,” says God.

“My beloved, In this hour and season, many will see you rejoicing and hear you testifying to the Greatness, Majesty and Miraculous working Power that is in My Kingdom.  For surely I have stored up the wealth and the riches of My Kingdom for My sons and daughters for such a time as this!

He said, “Now,  throw your nets on the right side of the boat and you will find some.”

When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.

Step onto the Dance Floor of Destiny!

Many are now being supernaturally thrust fast forward in this season, many are being realigned and re-positioned for greater increase, expansion and restoration!

I hear the Spirit say, “With feet fitted with readiness, come, step onto the dance floor of Destiny with Me,”  says God.

“Be Ready, as I lead and move you step by step to the sounds of a new Rhythm.  I AM the Lord of the Dance, the choreographer of Heaven.

Watch, as I re-calibrate time, reset the tempo, reorder and redirect your steps, bringing you into perfect alignment with the plans and purposes I have for you,”  says God.

“I AM breaking old rhythms, lifting off heavy burdens.

Come, learn the unforced rhythms of Grace that lead you beyond your barriers and expectations, a Love Dance drawing you, empowering you with strength and might.  An effective weapon of Faith and Hope that extinguishes every fiery dart, and nullifies the power of every threat of the enemy.

Beloved, come, dance the Dance of Close Embrace and Encounter.  Enter into a kairos moment in time with Me.  Yes, an appointed time for you in the purposes of My Kingdom.

Now step into the fullness of release and Dance the Promise-land dance, reclaiming and repossessing what has been lost and stolen.  For I have promised to turn, change and transform your mourning into dancing, lifting your sorrows and clothing you with gladness,” says God.


A Word of Knowledge

This afternoon as I was making my own personal Decrees, and praying for you all, Father showed me that He is taking many of you on stealth missions into enemy territory.  You will go in “undercover” and His Blood will camouflage you.

I saw that there are many secret agents in God’s Kingdom that are being deployed in this hour with new weapons that will bring about maximum destruction to the enemies camp,

These fearless Warriors are the carriers of secret strategies from the very Throne Room of Heaven, Kingdom strategies that will thwart and expose the hidden plans and schemes of darkness.

I saw that there is divine positioning that is taking place in this hour.  Father is strategically positioning His Warriors.  They are highly trained sons and daughters and their Mission is fraught with many dangers.  But their strength lies in their unmovable and unshakable Faith.

They love not their own lives unto death, they are sold out to the purposes of His Kingdom, they are Passionate in their pursuit to take back ground that the enemy has stolen, their sole aim and ambition is to Establish the Kingdom of Light and Occupy new ground.

These are mighty Warriors that know their God and they boast not of their strength and power, but they walk only in the Fear of their of God, the Captain of the Angel Armies.

If that’s you, arise and go forth boldly!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Step Onto the Dance Floor of Destiny! — 2 Comments

  1. I just cast my net to the right side. I’m in Great expectations. This is so awesome. Glory to God
    Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Amen I receive your words.

  2. I entered into dancing. Thank you Abba Yes I’m dancing with you. Glory. Thank you Jesus ! I am Ready, as ever, as I wait for your lead. Thank you Jesus !