Stop Endorsing and Supporting Witches!

2 Words in 1


Two Personal Injustices

The two worst injustices you can do to a person are,

  1. Want them to be somebody they not, because that’s who you want and,

  2. Hold them responsible for the pain and hurt you endured from someone else.

This is not just in a romantic relationship, but I have seen persons come into a ministry and become angry with a leader, because that leader won’t let them clone them into the leader they were previous under.

If you still want to operate in the capacity of the leader you were with, you should had stayed with them.  You can’t bring another man’s vision into someone else’s house, but you can enhance the vision with your talents and gifts.

You never should make your leader feel like they have to walk in someone else’s memory, in order to be accepted by you, and leaders should never allow yourselves to be manipulated into being turned into an image of what was someone old season.

It never ceases to amaze me, when I see this kind of behavior, because I’m thinking, why would you want someone to act like the person you say hurt you?

Either enter into your new season, or stay stuck in your old, but don’t try to bring another person into your paralyzing place of insecurity and frustration, just because you not willing to shift.

It does no good to say you shifted and moved on, if you’re still trying to recreate the memories of your past.


Stop Endorsing and Supporting Witches!

The Lord spoke to me in the house today as the word was being release from the Prophet of God and said, STOP ENDORSING and SUPPORTING WITCHES!

We are creating platforms for those who are operating in divination and giving them the endorsements of those connected to us, by showing our approval of their ministry.

We are linking our sons and daughters and fellow laborers, to workers of darkness.  We have invited them to our revivals and conferences, because of the gifts they display and the drawing power of their names, but they produce dead works, and release familiar spirits, because they operate from their flesh.

The Spirit of The Lord spoke some things to me, to be on high alert for in this hour.  He said, We have to be extra cautious in our dealings with people in this hour.  Too many are involved in divination practices of sin.

Be in a extra sensory Holy Ghost mode, about creating space in the anointing for those who connect, but are full of envy and jealousy when it concerns you being blessed and promoted.

Watch people who always get an attitude every time they see God doing something in your life.

Be extra sensitive to those who get upset when you are including others in your season of elevation.  Be alert to those who try to manipulate you, with a, “you doing me wrong” scenario, to try to persuade you to open up doors for them.

Be watchful of those that are always prophesying that everybody around you are witches, and they the only pure vessel in your circle.

He said, I’m going to uncover and reveal through their words and actions, those who have tried to curse and fight.  My chosen vessels will speak out of their own mouth and announce that they are their enemy.

The Lord spoke and said to me, Don’t be dismayed or hurt by the actions of any in this hour.  I’m showing the filthiness of their hearts to those whom I have called in this hour.

He is revealing where you are being hindered, and who is attempting to hinder you.

Listen at the words and actions of people.  Their true character is coming forth as you are blessed.  The cry of their heart toward you, will come forth.

Too many have allowed the enemy to experience what should not have been shared with them, because they didn’t take heed to the Holy Ghost when He was trying to protect them.

Some have created their own warfare, by allowing these persons who practice works of darkness, access to their intimacy.

Know that the power of God shall prevail against the works of darkness, but you can’t be in agreement with it.  Know your enemy in this season.  Let God give you the strategy and plans to uncover them and to destroy the evil works being produced through them.

I have taken heed, very much, so too this word has gone before The Lord, asking for forgiveness if I have left a witch door open in my life.  The word was to me first, so I’m the first partaker of God’s rebuke and warning.

This word made me fear God even the more, because I know He is not pleased with these things that we have allowed to happen in our lives, and in the body of Christ.

Begin to pray and seek Him in a more personal way, and don’t let deception and manipulation from workers of darkness, rule and ruin your life.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


Stop Endorsing and Supporting Witches! — 4 Comments

  1. Hello, we must be carefull to think too much on the person. Otherwise we fall in the same thing. The ‘puppets’ don’t matter, we bless them.
    Danger with this is (knowing exactly who is hindering) that we see on people, with suspicious minds. and we might go in a flesh and blood battle.
    “Begin to pray and seek Him in a more personal way, and don’t let deception and manipulation from workers of darkness, rule and ruin your life.”
    Yes amen, seek His Kingdom and the rest will be taken care of..

    • Seek Him for Who He Is, cause He is a lot, and everything will be alright !! It is about His name (be careful to speak and mention other names to much, that is farout the best tip I can give).

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