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Temporary Residence & Unheard of Incidents! — 10 Comments

  1. Hello Priscilla. I think Elizabeths comment to me is actually to you as I did not post my comment until after hers.  Smile. ❤️

  2. Hello Priscilla. I think Elizabeth s comment to me is x actually to you as I did not post my comment until later. Smile. ❤️

  3. Pris, clarity, anointing, and the wisdom of the Lord, as always, are all flowing from the heart of the Lord to your pen May God open up the ears and hearts to hear these truths. May the true Church arise and take heed! xoxo Sandi

  4. Priscilla, the Holy Spirit drew me to read your article today.
    I say every word really spoke and was confirmed to me. I prayed in my prayer language a lot through it. Also was shouting in several places.
    Im rejoicing, how our Father never leaves His people without true hope, but warnings. We must be obedient in all things!Many blessings over you. Hugs & prayers ❤️ Joyce D

  5. Priscilla, it really is war against good and evil light and darkness. We are at war and must learn all of our weapons of warfare. A few times lately I have found myself singing that old song, onward, Christian soldiers, marching onto war.  We will overcome by the Blood of the Lamb …and love not our lives to the death. Dying to self daily, taking up our cross and following Jesus comes at a cost. We so need wisdom that comes sitting and hearing our Lord. Well written. Love you dear Priscilla. Happy Thanksgiving, ❤️

    • I’m only taking dictation. Bless you.
      I’m not capable on my own of writing like this.
      I’m just a listener and scribing what He says.
      God bless you & keep you in the palm of His mighty hand!

  6. Patricia –

    You have astutely recorded what the remnant people of God have been saying, praying, scribing in recent years. With clarity and scriptural accuracy, you succinctly summarized the ‘Achilles heel’ in the babylonian church system of today: lethargy, naiveté, and ignorance of world events as they relate to scripture.

    We (remnant believers), must be on the guard – so our hearts don’t fall to apathy, angst and a fatalistic submission to a world-church system growing darker by the hour.

    Like the first Church – Jesus has commissioned us to stand strong in faith, and work, while it is yet day. Never acquiescing to the spirit of the age, it’s a tall order! It’s actually impossible- unless – the Lord Himself owns every bit of us – spirit, body, mind & soul. Only His spirit- in charge, in our mortal bodies, can do this. Onward & upward Christian soldier.
    …..P.s: (I wish your post was on social media – every <40 person should read this). Shalom

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