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  1. True ‘worship’ cannot be forced, it has to come freely, satan knows this too well. The whole point of the ‘mark of the beast’ is that it will be taken freely, in full knowledge of what it is, and who it pledges allegiance too, that way, those who take it will be without excuse at the end of the age.

    When the ‘mark’ arrives, God will provide a clear alternative, the Ark of the Covenant will be revealed, yes, I know this all sounds very ‘Indiana Jones’ – but the ‘mark’ will be a direct attack on the Ten Commandments, which of course is where the ‘Ark’ comes in, being custodian to them.

    The great dividing – the ‘wheat & the tares’ will come willingly, we are not there yet. What you see now, is a foreshadowing of what’s to come, but it isn’t now.

    Go research Ron Wyatt & the Ark of the Covenant.

    The ‘mark of the beast’ will be met head on by ‘God’s mark’ – ‘manna from heaven’ for those who cannot ‘buy or sell’ – this is not a passive defenceless battle, ‘we’ shall be on the offensive.

    Revelation has been painted as an apocalyptic end of hopelessness & despair, but it is far from it, God’s Kingdom will be on the offensive, pushing back darkness.

    God Bless xxx

  2. Almost all the mentioned Antichrist tactics are playing out in my Continent (Africa) already through evils such as: freezing of people” accounts at will as they owe & control all banks, the elites, their family members & friends control all jobs, oil wells & economy of the whole country, they kill innocent citizens & grab their lands & property, use of Media to control the masses without anyone opposing their lies, set church building ablaze on christains during worship so to put fear into the remnants & deny them freedom of worship, imprisonment of people the government & their cabals see as threats monitoring of comments on social media & other outlets, e.t.c.
    Most unfortunately, many Christians who serve in this evil government are so afraid of speaking the truth so as not to lose their fame, pride, power, control, pride & so are in connivance.  Holy spirit, please come & help your children who call out to you day & night. Father, come & establish your government in our Land & the whole world. Thank you Pastor Ty.

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