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The LORD’s Glory Is in the House — 3 Comments

  1. Double confirmation: Yesterday I got all over the Holy Scriptures, that every high and arrogant thinking, every mountain / hill will be leveled, and that the lowly will be raised up !  THE LORD WILL EVEN SET THE LOWLY BESIDE KINGS ! Isaiah 40:4 Isaiah 45 etc.
    The next confirmation: From my neighbourhood (the other house) more often now marihuana smells and smoke comes out, and all kind of loud and penetrating music. I never would call community or police for this, but when I prayed loud or had a little too loud CHRIST-ian music, people gossiped, laughed and even made reports. THANK GOD, no one had the right to steal my rightful place / home where I reside since July 1, 2010.
    All was prayed for, often on my knees, and for all I have given thanks to THE LORD and to the landlord and also to the neighbours ! When the music from the “hippie” neighbours stopped, I started to play and sing my current favourite song: Ahttps://youtu.be/OXsxw1fRHMA TALKING TO JESUS, BY ELEVATION WORSHIP. I always start to cry after a few lines in that song. Those who are parents, especially mothers, will know why. So the good sounds was “exploding the atmosphere” to say it with your words, dear sister Deborah. Just a fresh and new atmosphere.

  2. Thank you again Deborah.
    You’ve been such a beautiful source of His Light, Encouragement, and Hope for me as I’ve been walking through this dry wilderness of shadow’s. I look forward to hearing for myself all of the Beautiful that He has for me, and I will. He will restore all the locust has eaten, just as He promised.
    He is THE Faithful and True.
    May God’s Abundant Blessings be poured in Full Measure upon you and yours beautiful lady, thank you again :)

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