The Audible Voice of the LORD Sending Me to Kenya & Uganda


June 2017 Missionary Trip to Kenya

It was perilous and powerful.  I soon forgot the perils for the power of the HOLY SPIRIT that was in the meetings across Kenya in the entire month of June.

WE give GOD the GLORY, for without Him, we are Nothing and can DO NOTHING!  God did everything that He said He would do as I heard the audible voice of the Lord, who said He was sending me to Kenya, and what I was being sent by Him to do.

It was NOT easy for me to leave my country, my home, my family, my church and travel alone to that country, to a place I had never been, and to people I had never met.  But I heard His audible voice clearly:

Audible voice of the LORD sending me to Kenya:

“Anointing.  Anointing.  You will live in My anointing.  You will take My Holy Spirit and My fire to Kenya.

I  will open the windows of heaven.  I will pour out My Spirit and My fire and My glory.

My will in heaven will be done in Kenya.  Kenya.

I will rain down My Holy Spirit in Kenya.  I will rain down fire from heaven in Kenya.  Kenya.

I will use you to revive.  I will use you to impart.  I will use you to deliver.  I will use you to do miracles.

I will use you to heal.  I will use you to impart My Holy Spirit and My fire.

You will impart My Holy Spirit and you will impart My fire, and you will impart My healing and you will impart deliverance, and you will impart miracles and I will give you My anointing and you will carry My glory, and you will carry signs and wonders, and you will live in My glory, and you will be My prophet, My voice in the earth, and you will live in My Spirit and you will live in My holy power.

I will give you everything you ask Me for, and you will live in righteousness.  I will give you grace and glory.

I AM your shield and your destiny.  I have ordered your destiny and I have commanded My will to be done in you as it is in heaven.”

In Mombasa, everyone that I imparted the HOLY SPIRIT to received it and spoke in tongues for the first time, and GOD moved greatly in this venue.

From there My appointed Bishop Oliver Ogusegere and I traveled to Nakuru, a seventeen hour grueling trip.  Half way to Nairobi the car broke down in the middle of nowhere.  A radiator hose had broken and we were stranded on the side of the road without tools, help or nearby town.

Oliver poured my bottled water into the overheated car and it restarted, but water was pouring out the broken hose.   As I prayed and thought of what I might have brought with me that might help, I looked for surgical tape, but could not find it.

Then I thought of GUM!  I stuffed gum into the one end of the broken hose and the leak stopped.  That gum and bottled water took us MANY HOURS all the way to Nakuru.

God also helped us to redeem the lost time by propelling us forward supernaturally on the road many miles ahead of where we were, two times.  I had read about GOD doing this, and we experienced it twice that day,  but it never happened again.

In Nairobi we had a flat tire.  Fortunately a Gas station was nearby, and although the tire could not be fixed, we were able to purchase two new front tires that would be badly needed for the perilous roads ahead.

In Nakuru, the power of the HOLY SPIRIT was so great!  The floor was covered with those who were slain in the SPIRIT when I imparted the fire to them.  All of them received the Holy SPIRIT and spoke in tongues that came to receive.

The next venue was in Kisii where the fire fell on the entire congregation as I called the fire of the HOLY GHOST down from heaven.

People were healed, delivered, filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and spoke in tongues for the first time.  They were shaking and shouting, and  many were slain in the SPIRIT in their chairs, in the aisle, and the front of the church.

Revival fires are still burning in Kenya where we were, and the churches are growing.  

In Magori the power of the HOLY SPIRIT was present as I imparted the Holy Spirit and fire.   People were filled with the Holy Spirit and tongues through impartation and were slain in the SPIRIT.

I asked some to step outside where there was grass, and they fell under the power of the HOLY SPIRIT there.  The floors of every venue were either dirt, rock, and rough cement.

Later in our mission I wanted chairs to be put behind every person I was imparting to so they would not be on these floors.  Many of the venues had never seen a move of GOD like this before.

In every subsequent venue, Mbita, Kisumo, Mumias, Webuye, Kitale, Lwakhakha and Niarobi, there was a move of GOD as I imparted the HOLY SPIRIT, Fire, Healing, Deliverance, Holy Laughter/Joy and the Glory of GOD.

Everyone who was imparted to received.  Many were saved, filled with the Holy GHOST and fire, healed and delivered, and many slain in the Spirit wherever we went.

I had imparted to Bishop Oliver and activated him to minister in the venues as well.  God used us both for His glory, and he came up levels in this mission’s trip.

In Lwakhakah, which is on the border of Uganda, 15 pastors from Uganda came to the meeting.  Ten of them instantly received the HOLY GHOST as I imparted it to them between the meetings.

People were healed in the office and filled with the Holy Spirit and fire and healed in Kitale while I waited for the next meeting to start.   One woman followed me to my hotel room and asked for prayer.  God delivered her in My room, she was slain in the SPIRIT and instantly healed.  GLORY TO GOD!

 I heard the Audible voice again, saying:

“You will go back to Kenya.

I am sending you back to Kenya.  You will impart My Holy Spirit.  You will impart My fire. 

You will impart My healing.  You will impart My Miracles.  You will impart deliverance.  

Hear Me now.  I will pour out My Spirit and you will live in My glory.”

He confirmed His own WORD by speaking this audibly to me again and again, and also woke me up at 2 a.m. with His audible voice, telling me that He was sending me to Uganda, and I would impart there the very same things he spoke to me about Kenya.  He said that he will pour out His Holy SPIRIT and fire in Uganda.   I must obey, and I must go.

I need supporters and partners to help me with the expenses of this Missionary Trip!

I am preparing to return to Kenya in January, 2018, and we will cross the boarder to Uganda.

It costs a lot to fly, for visas, to travel in the country to the various venues,  to do car repairs and to have food and lodging for days on end.

Please partner with me so that I can fulfill the great commission as directed by the LORD.

God did everything He said He would do as I obeyed his voice and traveled alone to Kenya.  He will do it again and again, for it is His will and purpose.

It is by His SPIRIT.  I am just a conduit, and a vessel that is willing to go where He sends me as I obey His voice.  It is His kingdom, by His power and for HIS GLORY!

God gives seed to the sower and bread for your food.  For those who will support this work, you will have a three-fold blessing.

  1. God will bless your finances, for you cannot seed into His kingdom without Him opening up the windows of heaven and pouring out blessings upon you that you will not have room to contain, as you give.  You will reap what you sow!  A seed does not produce a seed, but a harvest!
  2. As you plant into the field of Kenya and Uganda, and you will have a portion of the harvest of everyone that we reach there.
  3. You will have a reward in heaven. God will reward you for your giving and it will not be taken away from you.  God bless you as you plant your seeds into the ministry of Prophetic Light so that I will do what He said I will do, when He spoke to Me MANY TIMES and said:

“You will be My prophet, My voice in the earth.  You will hear My voice in your ear, and I will send you to the nations.”

God will bless the Gift and the Giver as I reach the Nations for His Kingdom

To partner with me, you may use CLICK HERE, and it will take you directly to PayPal.

You can also send your donation through Western Union, money order or check  to June Reinke, Prophetic Light International, 40403 Sunburst Drive, Dade City, Florida 33525.  Your donations are tax-deductible in the USA.

Please remember that your harvest will be according to the seed you sow.  Please partner with Me so that I can GO TO THE NATIONS and impart, empower, and impact them for the KINGDOM OF GOD, as He uses me to expand His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

God bless you as you give.  For those who partnered with Me to send Me to Kenya, I thank you.  God thanks you, and the people of Kenya and Uganda thank you.  The harvest was bountiful and your portion will be great!


~ June Sheltrown Reinke

June Sheltrown ReinkeDr. June Sheltrown Reinke is a prophetic pastor, evangelist and teacher.  She has been the senior pastor of Faith Fellowship Ministries in Florida since 1988.  She has ministered in the prophetic to individuals and corporate groups for decades.

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The Audible Voice of the LORD Sending Me to Kenya & Uganda — 3 Comments

  1. Hi June, I am from Kenya. We would be pleased to accommodate you in our home while in the country please. God bless you.

  2. Hallo June:l have been following your daily prophetic and been convinced you are hearing from God. I am excited about your mission to Kenya because l have the desire to baptized with the fire of the Holy Spirit.  Pray for me.
    I got to know you through this website.
    Through this post am pleasantly surprised to know that you have been here (Kenya) and that you will be back in january.
    Concerning your appeal for financial support, would you kindly give me your contact address while in Kenya.

    Judy (Kenya)

  3. Dr June,
    You are most welcome to Kenya.
    God bless you for allowing yourself to be used of God, We really need the help of men and women of God.
    God has answered our prayers.