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Earthquake Warning Dream for the USA — 8 Comments

  1. I Pray that The Father granted us to Repent (John 6:65)
    Isa48:9 “ For My name’s sake I defer My anger, and for the sake of My praise I restrain it for you, that I may not cut you off.” It’s mean I want to put My Grace on display, My Mercy, My long suffering, My patience. But God ‘s Patience doesn’t last forever. John 12 …43” for they loved the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from God” the land full of apostasy, idolatry,disobedience,disrespect to God, dishonoring His name , blaspheming Him was a way of life and finally came to an end . 2 Chronicles 36:16 “But they kept mocking the messengers of God , despising His words and scoffing at His prophets, until the wrath of the Lord rose against His people, until there was No Remedy.” Psalms 115:3 “God is in the heavens , He does all that He pleases” .
    Isa 55:6 “ Seek ye The Lord while He may be found;
    Call ye upon Him while He is near”.
    Where do we find His Mercy when His patience is gone ???

  2. In 2011, I had a dream..in this dream..I was suspended over a large city in mid air.
    I watched multiple red cross helicopters hovering above the city and some were from different countries, Russia and China.
    A major disaster happened in the USA to such a degree that other countries came in to help us but during this time of great destruction, RUSSIA AND CHINA SNEAK ATTACKED US.
    The Lord told me that he was going to destroy California, Washington State and Oregon. He told me to leave the state.
    I did not want to as I love the greenery in Seattle so the Lord had me evicted from my apartment, but to this day that eviction is not on my credit report in any fashion.  He had to force me to leave and then he removed the love I had for Washington State from my heart.

  3. It’s not just you! Last Friday I had a dream I was in school here in Houston and after a series of horrible natural disasters we were warned to expect a really bad earthquake in a few days. Then a voice spoke Matthew 13:8 to me! But I felt peace because I knew it had to happen.

  4. Thank you Lord Jesus for being the Way
    As I was walking about and prayed more than I used to in my daily life, things were exposed more and more around me. Where am I to go, where are the traps. Who is seeking the kingdom of God, who is looking for power in mere humans, either way, we are to pray for all. I think that the urgency of praying is with us all these days. Then I was doing something and needed to focus (I need to focus on the things I do, more than before), I walked a little bit more… where did the clear sight go? I started to pray again… there it was! As long as I pray, there is more clearance round about me. Walking with Jesus :-)
    We all need to focus on Jesus to make it over the bridge, He is calling. He is the Way, the bridge over sin that is between us and Abba God. We cannot out of self-power get up from the quicksand of assuming, which is just one of the traps from the enemy. There is lots of traps. One of the powerful traps is looking to man rather than Jesus and His wonderful words. We need to call on God in Jesus name, Who is the only Way, He will take us up from all that is hindering us from walking over to God Almighty and His wonderful wedding feast, and invite folks along the way. Enjoy reading the Word of God, the good testimonies, listen to the good news as well as the warnings given out of love. He is inviting to the grand wedding feast for ALL who will only believe. God bless you all.
    P.S. Yes, lately I have been shown a number of the numbers 1 and 7. Take heed of the warnings from our loving God.

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