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The Character of the Apostolic Calling, Anointing and Ministry — 6 Comments

  1. Hi my name is Kenneth Summerour and I know God is calling me in the prophetic or apostolic or both. It has been prophesied that I have a prophetic anointing and I’m always seeing different signs along my journey. God knows who he has called me to be and once I saw your message I was like blown away by the specifics. I ask that you would pray for me that my eyes would open to see like the Holy Spirit and that I be cooperative with him as well, and that I be assured of the calling of my life. I can say that I’m in training for something, don’t know? But holiness and humility is indeed vital to my character. Thanks

  2. So well spoken, Abel. What an enlightening perspective and truth of the apostolic ministry and calling. God truly builds that character little by little as He establishes apostles in their place of calling. Thanks so much for sharing, Blessings, Sandi Holman

  3. Thank you so much prophet Abel for your time & prompt response. You have brilliantly answered all my questions Sir. May God Bless you with more anointing.

  4. Prophet Abel, your post is not a coincidence but a confirmation! I believe the Holy spirit took the questions I had wanted asking on the platform today from my heart, gave it to you & backed it up with prophetic words.  Before 5am today of our time this morning,I woke up with these three questions bothering me: 1. What are the differences between Apostolic ministry & the other ministries?. 2. Can an Apostle be a prophet? 3. Is it possible for someone to have more than one or all the other spiritual gifts? If yes to question 3, how will the person function? 
    Sir, although you have clarified parts of my questions, can you kindly pray & provide me with words from the Lord on the remaining parts?  I believe God wants me to learn something new on the five fold ministries. Waiting for your kind response Sir. Thank you Sir.

    • Greetings Adams, I am more than honored to share this. Regarding your third question; Yes; it is possible for one person to have more than one. Regarding how the person can function; yes an apostolic gift can work side by side with a prophetic and teaching gift; the most important thing in how they are expressed is the jurisdiction. The jurisdiction will determine how they function. Apostle Paul combined traveling to break new grounds, with planting assemblies, with itinerary ministry, with demonstration of prophetic gifts in the churches planted – all because he was given a large ground to contend and cover in The Kingdom

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