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  1. Hoorayyyyyyyy…our God is an awesome God, He reigns in heaven above…Thank you, thank you, thank you my wonderful sister, anointed woman of God. Thank you for the words of encouragement that completely elevate us again to another level of faith in God. Shalom to you.

  2. Amen and Amen! The Words God gives you each and every time are both uplifting and powerful! Thank you Woman of God,what a mighty Word from the Lord! My soul is encouraged! God bless you always!

  3. Oh Deborah, all I can say is thank you. All He says to me through You is so special, but this morning, and this message..last night I watched The Chosen, the attacks through the night were relentless and cruel. I will go through this day with new hope and even in Awe of His Love and Compassion in revealing Himself to me in this Way.
    Bless your beautiful heart!!☺

  4. Oh Father, it’s hard, but with your strength and power trough our faith (the confidence in your goodness, faithfulnes, righteousness and mercifulness) we do all things for you,for your kingdom, for yours (and ours) beloved ones. A big and great family forged on you, by the grace of you son, Yausha, our kingsman-redeemer.

    Strengthen us in your power and knowledge without limits, so we will do more and more, because our achievements are solely the result of your strength and love for us. Amen.

  5. Woman of God you said it all.
    I say yes and Amen to the prophecy.
    Father let your will be done on Earth as it is Heaven.

  6. PS and yes I am the one chosen by God! And what God is doing in nations you have an integral part in it. Your labor is not in vain it doing something in our heart soul and mind. Thanks again. Some day You will receive your reward and believe my words your reward is great. May God bless you my sister in lord Jesus Christ.

  7. My name is Shailendra Pratap Singh. I am from India. Thanks for sharing this message of hope and encouragement. Thank you. You usually post messages almost everyday but you didn’t for past some days. I was wondering about your health but it seems that everything is alright with you. May God bless you. Amen

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