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The Crossroads of Divine Choices and New Visions — 10 Comments

    • So great to hear from you Gary!!! We need to do lunch with you and your sweetie. Sure miss you. So glad you were challenged. Thanks so much for your confirmation. Much love and blessing s to you and Willene, Sandi

  1. I appreciate your Indepth input dear Joyce. There is so much revelation flowing regarding our great need for deeper intimacy in the secret place in order to stand strong in the world today. What a time of uncovering, discovering, recovering, governing.and hovering.  I realize how little many christians are really paying attention. Love you my sister, Sandi

  2. Wonderful Word from the Lord Sandi. Thank you for sharing. Two things so to speak jumped out at me.
    “This very hour of great deception, is your appointed time of Deep Perception for The Spirit of Truth has come to destroy every lie.”
    Amen and Amen. That is a powerful truth!

    The other was “How can you carry My Name and not desire relationship?”
    How very true and so very sad many that carry His Name are not willing to pick up a cross and bear it.
    Love you sis.

  3. I have been off work since Christmas, God did have me well prepared for what has been unraveling riding in his ark of safety has called for me to learn patience I do like to be busy. The thought of full-time ministry has come up but never seems to get traction as I would like a face-to-face with Jesus to walk on that path yet I am always ready to preach the gospel lay hands on the sick and give a good word for those wrestling with the oppression of our time. We can look at Pauls’s letters to the Thessalonians and think why did Paul write this to them the end-time events were never going to happen to them. The thought is that we should always be ready for the appearance of Jesus not waiting for an event to change things, then we will be ready. This promise of Jesus appearing to us personally only comes through the Holy Spirit, knowing His voice is very important. There is none of this waiting for an event to get you ready or the signs that you do not want to witness, the evil man of perdition and Jesus coming as a thief will be evidence of the truth of Gods word because you did not hear what the Spirit was saying

    • May God continue to bless you dear Jay. You have been well prepared and it is apparent to all that you are riding in the ark of safety and you are endeavoring to help prepare others spiritually. So thankful for the work you impart here. Blessings to you, my brother, Sandi Holman

    Last night I was awoken at 12:30am. At first I just laid still while the enemy wreaked havoc as i seem to feel the witchcraft in my physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional body. When I realized I wasn’t going back to sleep I got up, made coffee, and began to intercede. Some hours later I dropped my head forward in exhaustion and when I did I heard, “Divine Tipping Point.”
    Yesterday the Lord took me to the Book of Haggai. Zerrubabel and Joshua had been put to work rebuilding the Temple. The 6th, 7th, and 9th month are Key in these short 2 chapters, but the Power of what they were doing I believe is Eternal. The Latter Glory shall be greater than the former…it’s only possible when the “less than” that we are on the back side of the Cross is crucified in the journey through His suffering where we are finally brought, in complete humility, into the Center-out Reflection of the “Best-Than” that He is instead.
    It’s mostly not fun, but it’s temporary. I am a shadow of my former self, but when I gave my “all-in” YES to the Lord He gave me a vision. I was standing fully clothed in the reflection of the world, I began to turn a deep Grey from the outside-in until I was barely recognizable. But suddenly from deep inside of me, a Light burst forth and shot out, consuming me and all that was around me…:D
    He’s worth it…and He’s Faithful.
    God bless you beautiful lady :)

    • I’d also like to share a short open vision He gave me at a very low point of this crucifixion process. He was holding me to Himself, His back was to the Cross but I was facing it. We began to move in that position through the Cross!!!
      He’s been holding me through it THE WHOLE TIME!!!
      He already faced the Cross and was fully clothed in the Beautiful, and I will be, because He who promised is Faithful. Except now I don’t ask to be a pretty picture for the purpose of lust, but instead that that desire would be completely removed so that I can be the Reflection of my True Identity…which is a Son of God!!

      • I love that powerful vision and confirmation of HE HAS US!! What a precious encounter..I sure hope you are journaling all these encounters to share with others..call it Daily Encounters with Jesus. xoxo Sandi

    • OMG Cheri!! What an experience. THANKS so much for sharing the reality of the tipping point. IT is here!! The latter rain shall overtake us with His goodness and the weight of His glory shall be undescribable..I am in eager anticipation and only hope I live to see it!!! It shall be worth it all!! Love and blessings to ‘your’ beautiful transparent heart, Sandi

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