The LORD just spoke to me and gave me a powerful message for you who have seen nothing but suffering, and for the ones feeding the enemy, from His own house.

“I AM bringing the plight of the weak to an end starting this week.

Those who have been afflicted with pain that they cannot explain, and those who have suffered in the hands of injustice.

Those whose suffering, has been made worse by the church.

The unjustified suffering; the suffering without cause, is coming to end.

It is time for the ones bent on doing evil to receive their share.  They sowed in wickedness, and they will reap the fruits of wickedness.

Those who have done evil, have to be prepared to go down, because I will bring them down with My own hand.  They will go down and never rise.  A man who goes down because My hand pushed them down, stays down till I bring them back up.

I AM against their wickedness which they have refused to stop doing.

Many have continued to be so evil and to do evil despite all the warnings I have sent to them.  They have destroyed innocent ones and their destinies and taken advantage of the little ones.

They have oppressed the weak ones and made them suffer and yet they continue to act as if they are holy and upright.  They have dealt them wickedly who came to their doors for help.

“Therefore, all things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets,”   (Matthew 7:12).

I AM the God of the helpless and I AM turning around everything.

I shall spare none of the evil.  I shall spare none of those who laugh as My own suffer.

Many will not be able to escape my cup of wrath

I AM giving all My children who have seen years of suffering the KEY OF LIFE, and as I do it, I will pour out on the ones doing evil the CUP OF WRATH.” says the LORD.

“You will be filled with disgrace rather than honor. Now you yourself drink and expose your own nakedness the cup in the LORD’S right hand will come around to you,  and utter disgrace will come upon your glory,”   Habakkuk 2:16.

The LORD says,“I AM JUDGING My people first and it is happening now and not any other time.”

Those who have stubbornly followed the ways of their hearts and rejected His correction have no one to blame but themselves.  A broken and contrite heart can still lead the LORD to mercy not the well hidden pretense.

The LORD also re-affirmed the word by giving me Psalm 97.

It is not a time to be found lukewarm or to be found on the wrong side of God.  Remember, it is a dreadful thing to all into the hands of the almighty,   Hebrews 10:31.


Esther Hadassah
Revivalist & Apostolic servant of Jesus Christ

Esther HadassahEsther Hadassah is an apostolic minister and an end-time revival preacher.  She has been serving in full time prophetic ministry for the past three years.  The LORD has called her to preach the message of the holiness and repentance and to set the captives free.

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The CUP OF WRATH and the KEY OF LIFE — 1 Comment

  1. Yes, dear sister. Thank you for the courage to place words of His righteousness and justice. Isaiah 61 This is the Year of the LORD !