The Days of Healing are Returning: Pt.2


There are times, when we are led by the Spirit to say and do some things, that we don’t totally understand at the time.  Through experience, and a deep relationship with the Holy Ghost, we learn to go forward with it; trusting that it is truly what the Spirit wants.  If we really follow Him, we may not have a clue what we are saying to some person; but they, will know exactly what it’s all about.  They realize that only the Spirit could have led you to say that; it is so powerful, and rewarding.

After posting the note [The Days of Healing are Returning  (Part 1)], I came back to read and listen to what others might respond with.  I wasn’t hesitant to cast out a devil; I was hesitant to share such an account.

It was not a pleasant subject.  There are so many scoffers and mockers these days, you never know where they might shoot from.  As I read people’s response, I thought that perhaps, I had not been too clear about some things.  I truly appreciated what everyone had to say.  In truth, most everyone was right in their answer, about what would you have done.  There was a thread that drifted through our reasoning together, and that was the word, “wisdom.”  And I learned, the Spirit wrote it just as He wanted.

The assembly I was attending that afternoon, was not a spirit-filled kind of church; as we call them.  It was a denominational order that does not teach or preach the way some of us have heard.  It’s a wonderful group of people; the most dedicated and loyal folk, I’ve ever known.  Most would have surely thought, that I was attacking this mentally challenged individual; the very idea that he might have a demonic spirit, would be absolutely foreign to all of them.  The leadership, would have stopped the whole thing, and likely had me escorted out.  These people are hungry; but they are not there yet.

All of the stories and incidents in the New Testament, are there for a reason; they were written, for our admonition.  Let’s define the word “admonition.”  It means, a mild, kind, yet earnest reproof; and cautionary advice or warning.  The word Admonish, means to counsel (another) against something to be avoided or to warn that something is dangerous; to urge or exhort; to actually remind someone of something forgotten or disregarded.  A certain damsel who was possessed with a spirit of divination, followed Paul and the others around, for “many days;” and she wouldn’t let up what she was saying.  Finally, Paul turned to her and cast that thing out.  Why, did he not do it, days before?

There’s another thing we have to deal with.  A comment was made, that the leadership, is not always happy to see others deal with spiritual situations.  If people are not encouraged or even discouraged, from operating the gifts that the Spirit has empowered them with, you won’t get very far.  And one of the most important things about all of this, is that no one else may see what you see; even among those who say they are filled with the Spirit.

I believe, that the Lord, is preparing many of us for these things.  I yearn for deliverance for this person.  But I have to follow the Spirit, and be prepared.

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~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



The Days of Healing are Returning: Pt.2 — 4 Comments

  1. That is wisdom.  Deliverance is not my primary function, but I’ve done enough of it to feel like it’s a career.  This is what I know for sure – there are no two alike.  You’ll never do or see the same thing twice; there will always be something different about it.  The wisdom is to never try to frame it or box it in or say that it should be this way or that way.  We learn to completely depend on the Holy Spirit.  It’s that connection that keeps us and everyone else safe.  I once spent too much time trying to deliver a lady from a demon and only learned that she was the demon herself.  You can’t cast a demon out of a demon.  She was successful in gobbling up a couple of hours of my time, and probably diverted me from dozens of successful deliverances.  It wasn’t a straight up mistake on my part; the Lord was teaching me something.  I’ve even cast out demons in secret from across the room.  The pastor or leadership didn’t know anything about it, and neither did the person or the congregation.  And on a few occasions – a very few – the Lord directed me not to cast the demon out.  I never asked why.  I just said, “yes, Sir,” and moved on to the next. 

    I’ve seem demons come out of people and go straight into ministry team members, my church friends.  Just a few days after 9/11, during a church service, a deliverance situation arose.  It always happens where the Lord shows up.  Our ministry team consisted of 27 people.  One of the members was standing 15 feet away from the deliverance activity.  Several people saw the demon leave a person and go directly into one of our church friends.  Our friend was never the same.  And after all these years, she is a shell of who she used to be.  Like walking dead – she never recovered.  I don’t feel like there was anything I could do to prevent that any more than I did.  She was not honest with us about her convictions and her belief.  She was hanging around deliverance ministry, trying to find out if it was real or not.  That was her mistake. 

    So, I guess it’s good enough to understand not to make rules or plans on how deliverance works.  Remember – anything is possible.

  2. A couple of years ago I was hanging out with one of my friends.  I had attended my friend’s church 10-12 times in a row.  The pastor was aggressively protective of his church membership.  No one was allowed to pray for anyone in his church.  His rule was that only he and his wife could pray for people.  He didn’t even allow church members to pray for one another.

    One Saturday afternoon he had a homecoming picnic for the congregation, and he invited me.  He told me that he had heard a lot of good things – gotten good reports – from different people about me and my relationship with the Lord.  He asked me, “Who are you and what have you done?”  I told him that I just served the Lord, went wherever He sent me and I prayed for everyone He allowed me to pray for, for any thing, any where, any time.  I told him that it was my purpose to pray for people.  He just looked at me and said, “Mmm Hmm.”

    Not that Sunday, but on the following Sunday, he invited his congregation to make prayer requests, so he and his wife could pray for them.  For the last two hours of regular church service, the Lord was telling me to pray for a particular man and woman that the Lord had pointed out to me.  I elbowed my friend several times and said, “The Lord is giving me direction to pray for those two people across the room.”  My friend said, “No, you can’t do that here.  The pastor won’t allow it.”  I said, “I know and I understand, but the Lord has given me directions.”

    So, I prayed and asked the Lord, saying, “This is not my house, Lord.  I have to be asked to pray for those people.  Or, I will follow them home and do it at their house.  I leave it to You.”  After the pastor’s invitation for prayer requests, the congregation remained silent.  No one moved or said a word.  He made the call again and again.  Still no one moved.  Finally, the couple that I was looking at – the husband said, “I’m not asking for prayer.  I want to share something.”  Then he shared about his difficulties at that time.  The pastor asked him to come forward to be prayed for.  The pastor’s wife stood next to the pastor as he prayed for the man.  His prayer lasted about 15 seconds.  My friend was looking at me.  I was looking at my friend, and I was watching this man that the Lord wanted me to pray for.  The pastor was dry and couldn’t pray.  He looked straight across the congregation into my eyes and asked me to come and pray for the husband.  I stood up from my seat and said, “Sure.” 

    As I walked forward, I pointed across the congregation at the wife, and instructed her to meet me at her husband.  The Lord took over the prayer.  The Lord showed up and power was witnessed throughout the congregation and leadership.  As soon as the prayer was over, I went straight to my vehicle and left. 

    Moral of this post – It does not matter who the leadership is or how stubborn or set in their ways they are.  Talk with the Lord during situations and work it out with Him.  He’s waiting for you to do that.  Nothing is impossible with Him.  You have to understand that we rule and reign with the Lord.  Here, now, and today.  That pastor had his rules, but those rules were not for the Lord.  They’re not for us who rule with the Lord.  Understand?