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The Disruption of the World’s Banking and Financial Systems! — 7 Comments

  1. Thankyou first Australasian prophecy. I have had one myself of the NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, in a dream clearing her desk at parliament meaning she will leave next year after losing the elections .
    Even the Left wing say she is not popular here, Stuff website for example..
    She hitched a ride on Trudeau’s plane overseas recently both WEF pals.
    Praise the I AM.

  2. Amen Thank you Father my Lord and Saviour. I see what corruption is in the world and it saddens me when my family and friends think I’m crazy.

  3. For Australians…. listen to Bold Existence (website and youtube channel). God gave a prophecy about the war coming to your shores through her, that fits perfectly within what was written up here. It was a while back though, a few weeks or months ago on Adele’s channel. But worth it so much to listen to the detail God has given Australia. The hope within, as well as the warnings.

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