The Field Was Empty


We could have never learned what we needed to learn, if we had stayed where we were.

It’s taken a long time for many of us to see some things, in their reality.  One cannot organize, the Holy Ghost.  I’m grateful that we came along when we did.  There were wonderful moves of the Spirit.  We saw gifts operated; saw when all the church, could discern and were even encouraged to do so.  There was a freedom, like no other time for us.  An entire camp, slain in the Spirit.  Real Holy Ghost Power.

Elevating one person above another, was not so obvious when we children first began to see and experience, a real church service.

We saw how the Spirit could move, and minister to the entire congregation; whether it was a small group, or a large one.  We saw, what we were supposed to see.  Church politics was not so overt; everyone knew that was wrong.  We could read.  And we knew what the scriptures said about that kind of thing.  It was not clear at first, that some kind of clique or who’s who list had begun.

You see, I don’t have a problem in saying I know there was that kind of list.  Because, I wanted to be on it.  Over the years, I saw who sat on the platforms at conferences and other meetings.  In the beginning, I do believe that there were many wonderful folk who helped start our fellowships.  Spiritual people, of reputation.  It is true, that when we start showing respect of persons, things are going to change.  And they can change quickly.  And not for good.

I’m so happy today, that so many of our people learned to sing and play instruments, without knowing one note on a page.  I am also thankful, for the way our choirs were put together.  So many would not know today, that we taught one another.

There was so much natural talent among us.  With the help of the Holy Ghost, we learned that His Spirit, would assist us in absolutely everything that we did.  And I can say without even thinking about it, we were good.  The least singers, were precious, when they were anointed.

Power and control issues, were never of God.  And they’re still not.  Electing men.  Allowing so many to over-exercise their authority, in order to remain in office, caused great harm.

Again, I can witness, that in the mid 80’s, there was an in-depth move of the Spirit, to go back to full, apostolic renewal.  I’m so glad I was there for that.  It was prophesied by deeply spiritual people, what would happen if we did not move forward in such a manner.  Many do not want to hear that, but it’s true.  Those who continued to desire gifts, lost out.

The house was full, but the fields were empty.  Slowly, we can see today, that we had to be pushed out.  When you have a system where men try to control the moving of the Spirit, and attempt to move in their own power and self, there is no true liberty.

If a person who is gifted is told that they cannot operate in these gifts, they will either keep quiet, or they will have to go.  But go where?  I never thought I could say this.  Everyone of us who are going through tribulation, to be what He wants us to be in this hour, is right where God wants us to be.  He knows exactly, where we are.

We’re in the field.  You can’t plow or plant, inside the house.  It’s been said by elders in the last 24 hours, those who need help the most, are not in the house.

We might think we know what God is going to do, but we don’t.  The Spirit never intended to be locked in between four walls, where people did not want to follow Him.  It’s taken a lot of hurt, to even hope I might have made progress and slowly begin to see it, as I need to see it.

It took what it took.  It took pushing us out.  This time, the potters wheel, was in the field.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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