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The Fist of Judgment! — 9 Comments

  1. Pris, these are truly what the Lord said to me as I read this word, ‘SOBERING THOUGHTS’ to those who are drinking deeply to the mixture of the world along with the compromise of the church leaders building their own Kingdom but never mentioning judgment. Appreciate you sharing this timely word from the just judge. Love and peace, Sandi

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement!! Johnny Enlow just confirmed it in Elijahstreams today too!
      Bless you sis! ❤️❤️‍❤️

  2. Dear Priscilla-

    Thank you for bringing forth what the Lord put in your Spirit today. No doubt about it -Heaven is speaking (to all who hear) that HE alone is sovereign and in full charge. The Just Judge reigns in power, love and perfect wisdom. His judgments stand .

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