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  1. Special thanks and greetings to Lucy ! Yes, the LORD has a wonderful masterplan and He compares us with flowers, doves, gazelles. Songs of Solomon are filled with this, too.
    Concerning the choices we make: On every road are dangers now. No concert or even a cinema is safe anymore. May our Saviour return quickly.

  2. Do we have a choice? If God already knows who is His, then that negates our choice. If we choose to go left or choose to go right and still end up at the same place, then does our choice matter?

    • I believe it does Sir.

      Our choice determines the quality of our journey. It may end up at the same place but how you get there is your choice.

      Choosing to follow Him takes us through the most rewarding route.

      My opinion.

  3. Marion Karola I can relate so much with what you say. People (carnal or false brethren)step in and interfere with what we have heard from the good Shepherd. I would like to add as I read the word from Thomas, we are the gazelle mentioned in https://biblehub.com/psalms/18-33.htm and https://biblehub.com/habakkuk/3-19.htm . I think because you relate so nearly with this word from your dream additionally Father would like you to know yes you can escape to heights unscalable by the wicked one. Dear Marion shalom!

  4. Dear brother Thomas
    A few days ago I was travelling railroads the one way, and street roads the other way, a longer distance of 500 miles and more. Please, anyone who reads this comment: i do NOT say, I am a gazelle. I just answer to your article, for I had a terrible dream after the journey: 2 lions, from left and right side, where after me. Though our LORD JESUS is the lion and the lamb, the devil wants also godly skills, he copies everything godly. Ususally I never share dreams. But this one fits very much. I want to confirm your thoughts. Yes, we must be very careful which way we go. Decisions must be done, all people more than once in their lives stand before important decisions. We all need the LORD`s wisdom. Every day, every night, every hour, every time. Finally, when we decide, the opposer comes and wants to speak it wrong. “Good advices” can be the worst, and destroy destinies. Always people speak the opposite, no matter what we do. This is the wordly “zeitgeist”, but not the Holy Spirit. Please understand me well – I do not say this about you.

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