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  1. Amen Sandi, I loved: “I AM putting your feet on a Healing Pathway, paved with resurrection power, that will bring joy where there has been great sorrow and peace where there has been pain,” says The Father.

    Also where the Lord spoke about it being our problem of our own making when we fail to activate our gift of faith.

    Surely without faith it is impossible to even please God.

    One more part I wanted to pull out was where the Lord calls out turnaround, “full circle.”

    Thank you sis. Much love and prayers.

    • I am believing that healing part is for you, my dear friend Joyce..it is truly full circle. When your ‘son’ appeared on time, I knew something is up..yes, it is the message on the street had great ‘drawing power’. We are coming forth with new courage, greater stamina and a heart of deeper understanding. You have sowed much and reaping time is just around the next corner. Great is your reward! xoxo Sandi

  2. Thank you for reposting the Resurrection Word Sandi. It’s more special to me, for far more reasons, than I have room to write.
    You know…I see us on that Healing Path, being led from the lowest earthly regions, up, through the Land of Shadows, to Above the Heavens, into the Arms of the One Who holds it all together. Our Daddy God, our Abba Father. And I see Him pouring, from that place, the Living Waters which flow from His heart, through us and into His Glorious and Beautiful Creation!!
    What a Beautiful Time to be alive!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

    • Thanks Cheri…I really felt to repost with a little update..but HE CHANGES NOT! We are all on the healing path ..Breakthrough has come to those who have been broken. Much love and blessings, Sandi

  3. Sister Sandi, this is an extraordinary comfort for me and surely for many. Thank you ! Some of the words inside I spoke today, in prayer and in communication with a friend. And yes – how often did we all experience, that an even better reward came after circumstances we thought for a delay or dead end or point of no return. Genes 50:20 ⏩ YOU INTENDED TO HARM ME, BUT GOD MEANT IT UNTO GOOD. ⏪

    • So very glad this was a comfort and brought new understanding to you Myriam. Thanks for your great encouragement to me. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

  4. This is definitely the word of the Lord.  I caught that piece where you said I’m appointing you to be the voice of authority that will shift the atmosphere. The Lord spoke to me this morning and I was looking for a confirmation he said in this season we are climate Changers. Wherever we go we shall change climates, Set the atmosphere. Change the atmosphere like Peter Shadow. Everywhere Jesus went the atmosphere shifted because he was a climate changer so are we thanks for being obedient my sister God bless..Yours truly watchman Triumph (929)312-8409

    • I appreciate that great confirmation, Triumph Thanks so much for your kind words of blessings and encouragement. Many Blessings, Sandi Holman

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