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  1. Thomas yes some things are impossible to know and other things are not one thing it is possible to know is it true meaning behind born again. Born again is not when we receive Christ and the Holy Spirit this is false Doctrine that people have tots and say we’re young when it’s easy to believe what you told. There are scriptures that are very clear plain and easy to understand regarding born again and is true meaning. I will not waste my time posting these scriptures in this comment because I have found those in a position of authority have a great difficulty admitting they have misinterpreted scripture. Our fallen nature puts great emphasis on preservation of the ego. However I will post a few points that I hope will gain your interest in the scriptures I am offering to send you. 1 there are no individuals in all of scripture that are referred to as being born again this is significant. Christ was both raised from the dead and born from the dead being the first born of the Dead so right here we are told that being born from the dead and being raised from the dead are the same thing. John 3 is most often used to support the position that being born again can happen before we are raised IE born from the dead. But if you weed John 3 very very slowly and carefully there is no definition of what born again truly is. Because it does not give me interpretation of what being born of the spirit is Jesus is just making a factual statement one must be born again to enter the kingdom. Here a little there a little line upon line meaning you have to go elsewhere to find the the description of what being born of the spirit is. If you believe you have the heart the courage and the love for the truth to change your position when to start teaching the true meaning of Born Again please let me know I would be honored to walk please let me know I would be honored to please let me know I would be honored to discuss the scriptures with you. This revelation does not come without a cost because you will have to go back and reinterpret all the scriptures you used to support your position that one can be born again while in the flesh such as those scriptures regarding being made a new creature these will need a new and correct interpretation rightly dividing the word of God sincerely a brother in Christ

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