The Judas Factor


I heard these words, after watching the ‘Matthew‘ movie again.

“There is coming upon this nation a great injustice, that is also partly My judgment.

Just as ancient Israel was invaded by Babylon, so too, Babylon has come to you and residents of Babylon within your borders.  But there are other invading armies that want a piece of America as well.

America has sold herself off to many nations, piece by piece, trying to pay off her debts, and establishing what they call a “New World Order”  [NWO].

But I’ve told you that the fullness of what I have planned will not come to America because of the intercessors here who cry out in spirit and in truth, and all those who truly worship ME.

Still it will be devastating and hard to bear for those who have prayed and prayed to see the things which are coming upon her.  Many say her greatness is ended, but not so in My sight.  Though she will be brought low in pride, her greatest hour is yet upon her.

For she will still yet live out the call to the nations to bring help and nurturing, to bring the gospel and it’s Prince of Peace to those hurting and broken.  But those you go to will not always be grateful.

There are those who will try to terrify those who go.  Great jealousy will arise for what I do in you My Bride, so keep your war boots on as you prepare.  Keep your heart close to Mine, that you will only do what I want you to do. OBEDIENCE is VERY critical in this hour. It is vital.

Evidence of extraterrestrial life they will try to sell as a perversion of the truth to subdue and cause fear & UNBELIEF in many peoples.  But I have given you the real TRUTH in My Word. UNBELIEF as a spirit has grown and grown, and is a terror and intimidator in these times.

It is integrating itself into many media programs.  Defiance against ME is at an all time high.  Yet will I pour out my great grace and mercy on many, and you must have strength beloveds in the WORD to be able to fight as JESUS fought with the Word.  Worship is KEY because of the rise of witchcraft in the earth.

There are Judases in the church, and in the world in many forms in this hour.  Antichrists are arising, and the full demonstration of the antichrist is close at hand.”

(I had a sense of whisperings, like when a bunch of people in a crowd are awed by something they see, and whispering trying to communicate low their concern for what is going on…hearing all these shushings, and whisperings.  I was wondering what that is about.)

“There will be disbelief when the judgments hit America and many other parts of the world. People will be in terror because of the overwhelming number of them, that CHAOS will be loosed causing panic in the hearts of people.

This will cause many to wonder and fear God. Others will shake their fists, and be defiant.  But I will subdue many through your righteousness and intercessions, and interventions, seeds sown, and kindnesses manifested.

So do not allow thoughts of defeatism and do not dwell on the troubles that are manifesting.   Think, “What does God want me to do?”  What is my part?  Who can I tell about Jesus today?  Who can I touch for You Lord?

Be WISE AS SERPENTS in your relationships My people.  Know that many will be Judases in the church and turn you in to authorities when it will be to their advantage monetarily and when many will want favor with pharaoh.

Acknowledge MY ways and I will direct your path.  In all things PRAISE Me and worship at My feet beloveds, for you will SHINE like the stars in the heavens and lead many to righteousness in the days ahead.  I will lead you into paths of glory for the sake of MY KINGDOM, and the salvation of many.

Do not let the voice of disparagement try to make you feel disqualified.  For the Glory brings revealing of your true heart, and it is sobering indeed, but do not give in to self hatred or self rejection and condemnation.

Know that I LOVE YOU, and that nothing can separate you from My love, just as nothing can separate you from the love you feel for your own children… I love you.

Throw off all doubt and skepticism.  Love what I love, hate what I hate.  Love whom I love. For I said to love your enemies, to be good to those who hate you.  That is why you have gone through fires, that you might learn to love with MY heart of patience and forebearance.

I know it is difficult to love the bitter and unlovely people who have been wounded so greatly, and to love those who seem not to appreciate it.  But I tell you that I APPRECIATE IT!  Do all as unto ME. Ask for MY HEART and I will give it to you.”

God bless you, strengthen you and heal you, and may Holy Spirit overshadow you and empower you to overcome all that has come against you and increase His gifts in you that you will know things even before they happen and have His power to relay the gospel, heal and deliver others with His wisdom & power.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, making His light to shine upon you and give you favor, and His abiding shalom.


~ Priscilla

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