The Last Hour!


He says this morning, “I mourn for you for there is no other way to bring you to Myself… the Father’s heart, it mourns, it mourns.”

Why won’t they come?  I only want to love them.  I must strip them, open them bare, make them see their need for their Savior, their God, the very One who holds their life in His hand.

Why won’t they see?  Open them bare, open them bare.  See their plight, how they cling to life, yet they will not come.

Open your eyes I say, open your ears, for you have need of Me in this last hour.  You will not make it without Me.

I AM your all in all, all you need, all there will ever be in this life is in Me.

I AM your future.  Cling to Me now before it’s too late.  You will not make it without Me.  I need you and you need Me.  Truth is we need each other more than life.

Understand this, in the last days there will we wars and rumors of wars, but the time is not yet.  They will wax colder and colder, freezing to the touch. Hateful and proud, unholy, ungrateful, wasteful of My resources.

Do not go their way, there is nothing for you with them.  Hatred is in the air.  If they hated Me they will hate you and seek to kill you.

Be brave be strong in Me and stand your ground.  Unholy ways, so unholy are their ways.

Look to Me like never before, and worship Me in Spirit and truth.

I AM the glue.  I hold things together, I AM constant, wholly beautiful, full of grace and truth.

Wisdom flows from Me for I AM Wisdom.  Settle it in your heart that I AM all you need.

Nothing else, no one else.  I AM your Creator, I AM your Sustainer, I AM your Savior.”


God Bless You, you are in my prayers
~ Celeste Dewey

Celeste DeweyCeleste Dewey



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