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A Great Season of Miracles Is at Hand! — 1 Comment

  1. At 8 PM I read this, after I commented on your 1st article today. What a confirmation…  We have no other choice than walking day by day in the steps we need to go, need to work, no matter how much mockery and danger surrounds us. We are here to shine, though many are so jealous when we shine. And when they see any small success that they have stolen joy – they do not stop planned set ups, hit-and-run-tactics.
    I never thought how terrible end time would be. Your other article today speaks about The End. Many church members do not believe that judgment and rapture can happen suddenly. Now a song comes to my mind, (Waiting here for you) and I`ll set it again after writing this.
    Tell your wife blessings from me. I am also waiting for His miracles… COME, LORD JESUS, COME !

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