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The Last Straw Will Break the Camel’s Back! — 8 Comments

  1. I praise You, Mighty Elohim, for what You have done and are doing to bring all corruption to light in this country, and for all that You expose I give thanks!  Make us holy and just before You, andyet use us to reach every nation, language and people with Yourgospel, sending in Yourmighty Holy Spirit to prepare the way!

  2. Praise God that His Thumb of Judgement and His Finger of Justice will move together to uncover and expose the LOG of the racism and hatred the haystack and it shall break the back of the oppressor and the enemy will be brought to its knees.

  3. Yes LORD it is Time for YOUR JUSTICE to Prevail, Rule & Reign Throughout the Earth as YOUR KINGDOM Come unto us for Such A Time as THIS! Father we thank You for Exposing and Expelling the enemy and his lies that have been covered up Far TOO Long! lWe shall no Longer be Deceived.  I Decree Amos 5:24- LET JUSTICE RUN DOWN LIKE A RIVER , And RIGHTEOUSNESS LIKE A MIGHTY STREAM!!! HALLELUJAH & Glory To OUR GOD!☝

  4. How wonderful to be free of the Democrat party forever. The time has come for it to be GONE!!!! It has developed into the most nortoriously evil parth one could imagine. But its end is coming so soon. Then what to do with the evil in the GOP????? God will handle that as well.

  5. My God !!! You are SOO GOOD!!!
    We decree and declare in agreement with Your Word Abba Father, Justice and Judgement has now been released against ALL injustice and corruption in the United States of America and throughout Your Nations in The Mighty Name of our
    Lord and King Jesus Christ!!
    Thank You Father, Amen.
    Thank you for sharing Veronica, praise His Beautiful Name. This is the Answer to the prayers and cries of His People!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours beautiful lady :)

  6. The “thumb of God” complements a key aspect of another prophetic word that is out there. The Lord is speaking very plainly through His prophets at this time, which is greatly encouraging.

    The sudden collapse of the camel – akin to an avalanche, as someone else has put it – will mean that the media will be caught off guard and thus unable to gradually modify their false narrative as things quickly unfold.

    I also see the similarity of the word “camel” with the name “Kamala”, now the de facto leader of the Democrat Party, which will probably not survive much longer than she.

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