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  1. Beautiful are thy words spoken this day Lord. Awesome, so amazing, am in such awe and wonder of thee oh Mighty God. I love you. I long for thee. I give you thanks and praises this day. I hold on tight to you my God. I will not let go. I know what you have spoken to me Shall come to pass. I shall see. I shall behold the beauty, the bounty of all you are in the Coming days. I delight Greatly in thee, your joy is my strength. I’m listening. I’m waiting patiently upon thee my Father, my God. I anticipate union with thee my Daddy God. I anticipate it daily, for at the appointed time, you shall come to me. I come away with you my God. I hunger for thee evermore. I treasure your beautiful words spoken this day. I hold dear to them, for they are life to me. I eat your words. I love you eversomuch. Hallelujah ! I hold on Lord, for the Ride, of my Life with you. I thank you. I praise you. I worship you. Iexalt thy name on high. Worth are you to be praised in All the earth Lord God. Hallelujah,Hallelujah, Hallelujah ! Glory, to God. I am blessed to be a blessed. Chosen for such a time as this ! I Anticipate Change, Lord God. This is the Day of the Lord’s Vengenance. Holding so tightly on thee my God. It is Now at Hand. I hear you Abba Daddy. I hear you. Am blessed of thee and thy Words.

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