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The Lion’s Roar and The Mountain of Grace — 6 Comments

  1. Yes…AMEN
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” Ephesians 6:12.

  2. Thank you Deborah.
    You are truly, truly blessed!!
    This word brought a song to my heart.
    “Do you want to go to the mountain of the Lord”.
    The song is by Kim Clement.


  3. About the mountain Scriptures: Yes, I went there to bring good news and peace. I lost almost everything and everyone because of all the evil plots and strategies against my reputation, my dignity, my freedom and my human rights. I know, many are scared and left me. This was part of devil’s plan. I never was a sick, dirty, lazy bitch or witch. I never was an Jezebel. GOD KNOWS that I am more like a Deborah, Ruth, Esther. Some old people say when they look at me when I come to them and care for them in my caregiver job: “You look like a princess from a fairytale” or they say “You look so young”. I use no make up. I have no expensive dresses. Most of my skirts, dresses, trousers, mantles and shoes I wear since many years !
    I do not go to expensive hair dressers, I wear long hair and cut it correct as best as I can.
    If I look simply good, some jealously hate me. If I look tired or sad, they want to stigmatize me mental ill. They hacked every phone and computer, they want to manipulate, provoke, and finally, since many years they have robbed me of every privacy, every human right.
    That I survived this, is only by the Holy Word of GOD and by His power and might. He has surrounded me by His best angels. Sometimes I saw / see His Lion face eye to eye. Read SERMON ON THE MOUNT. There it is written: THE PURE IN HEART SHALL SEE HIS FACE. THOSE WHO SUFFER PERSECUTION FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS’ SAKE. THOSE WHO GET MOCKED FOR EVERYTHING. I have helped hundreds, maybe more, to recognize JESUS CHRIST. According to Isaiah, even the children of my oppressors will come to me. I do not need them to crawl at my feet, as their fathers wanted me to crawl and die slowly. ALL of them will cry out to the LORD. If He will grant them mercy… HE IS THE KING. May HE do how He wants. I trust Him: It will be a righteous judgement.

  4. Sister, you can’t imagine what happened yesterday. I had to drive to a mountain area, had to clear up a very important situation. As many know, I get followed, stalked, persecuted since years on every road, even in Jerusalem, or in the US, or in my home country. I survived some murderous attacks, and so yesterday. On the main lane through a village, out of nowhere, 2 black sheeps were sent straight in front of my car. First I thought, big black dogs cross the street from left to right. I thank GOD that my awareness and reaction is high, and so I slowed he car immediately down to a standstill, and saw these poor black sheeps standing for seconds also still, watching me in the eyes, right in front of the car window. Then they went on. In the mirror I then saw a lot of cars behind me also witnessing this scenery. When driving ahead, a little while later I stopped to pick up my Bible from the seat beside me and asked the LORD if this was “accidently” or staged. HE confirmed what I already knew inside: It was another hit-and-run strategy of the enemy.
    My task in that area, like in many other places before, was to open open my mouth for righteousness and through. I did not choose this “job”. When the oppression, the lies, the diabolical works of the devil and his helpers try to destroy your everything, you either die in the evil agenda’s program, or you arise and stand and speak. I got messages to screen “Die slowly”. Thank you all who read this for strong loving and caring prayers for me and my family. It is no secret that C-OVID 19 means “slaughter the sheep”. Sisters and brothers, we are in a real battle. Day by day we are under death threats, read 2. Cor. 4. We are in many dangers, but THE LORD leads us, His eyes and His good angels protect us.

  5. My God reigns. I shall shout from the mountain tops because He deals faithfully with me; and in Him I am transformed even transfigured. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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