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Divine Exposures and Supernatural Disruptions — 5 Comments

  1. My prayer has been that God will open the eyes, minds, ears, and hearts of every USA voter in America.  And, that He will expose all of the corruption at every level no matter how deep (Deep State); and that God will make it so very plain to see that it can’t be disputed or refuted.  And may God grant an imperfect man who acknowledges His Name four more years as POTUS!

  2. This word, I believe, ties in with the word of “reset” which many have also prophesied.  This is a Divine reset, but the globalists have also been speaking quite openly of their own “reset” for 2021. The exposure of their evil plans – as part of a mass awakening – will stop this demonic reset in its tracks, and be a necessary condition for the Divine reset.  Thus, amen, amen and amen to the Divine exposure and disruption!

  3. Amen! Thank you for sharing this word for America. Our media portrays continued violence and upheavals for the nation up to and possibly past the November elections. Those who are funding this chaos are well hidden and protected but God can and will expose them in His time.  Hopefully that time is now. Also praying for the safety and health of our President Trump and his family and his righteous administration and all the digital Patriots that are trying to bring the real news to the public.  xoxo

    • I agree 100% with you about the need to pray for President Trump and his re-election in November – and I do so from the UK, but this word is not just for America but ultimately for the whole world.  I pray also for America, because she is on the frontline in the spiritual war which is raging over the nations, and particularly at this time, the English-speaking ones that – but for God – will lose their historic freedoms.

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