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A Warning to the All Nations of the Earth! — 6 Comments

  1. I only wish that ALL would pay attention, weep and mourn on our betrayal of the Father and of Jesus Christ. I am wholley disheartened that NOTHING we say or do appears make any difference to their ungodly sinful lives.
    I fear that Britain AS A NATION has gone beyond the point of no return.  She no longer knows HOW to repent. Thus we must give our attention to INDIVIUALS now.

  2. no where to hide, no where to escape. I Prophesy the gavel of Justice and Righteousness will fall upon every sphere of the land exposing and crushing any form of wickedness. Do it Lord and let your glory be seen in the Nations.

  3. I so appreciate these prophecies because they tell us where we are in history and my spirit rejoices in agreement. I do not rejoice in one life or souls destruction but know we serve a holy God and much evil has been done unchecked for so long because our God is slow to anger and rich in mercy. I trust Him with the outcome. He has certainly been patient and longsuffering. I give Him Glory!!!

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