The LORD Is Speaking Again About the White House!


The LORD is speaking to me again….  About the White House!

This video below was made some 4 years ago when The LORD told me to travel by car from New Mexico into Washington, DC.

When I arrived there [with Celeste, my wife], The LORD told me I must go prophesy over the White House.

I went and stood [seen in this tape] and I did prophesy as close as I could get to the White House and I did along with Celeste, anoint the fence with oil and I did prophesy that The LORD would remove from the White House the then president and I declared that the devil could not continue to use leadership in america to destroy America.

I believe God did it, because it was a divine miracle the day that Obama was removed from office and God did send thousands of Christians and believers in God to vote for and elect our now President, Donald J. Trump.

It was definitely a miracle, and those who were opposed to him becoming President, were appalled and disappointed greatly to loose the bid for Hillary Clinton to become president.

The LORD did speak to me about our Present Donald J. Trump and told me he was His man to blow the trumpet and sound the alarm.

Today, we have another President in this same White House, who has recognized God and has stood up for God’s people [Christians and Churches in America].

Like no other President in the past, Donald J. Trump has included God in his administration and has recognized the Christians in this land.

He has done many things good for this country to bring back the freedom of faith and God in this land.

But… The enemy has begun to move to take back this White House and to assert their power to regain what has been gained in America.

This hour is a dangerous hour of great deception and the enemy has raised up to take back this white house.

Now we must stand up even taller for god in this country to keep it free.

Note:  This very morning, God has spoken to me about this….. same… White House!

I will be posting a Word:

“What God wants America to know about… The White House!”

A few days ago The LORD warned me about a coming time of great “Catastrophe” in America.  See HKP Word: “America: Catastrophe Is Looming!

He is telling me that He will make a statement very soon to America and address further the nation and its future.

He has spoken to me about the White House and what it means.

Coming shortly after this posting.

Stay tuned….


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

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