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America: Catastrophe Is Looming! — 2 Comments

  1. Ken;
    SAD but TRUE as we sense IT in the last full 5 weeks.
    The Obama speech few hours ago, had been THE DEMOLITION to THE ROCK PILLAR OF GOD FOUNDATIONS OF THE TRUE WORDS TO BE APPLIED TO “F A I T H”, been converted to dust of foulest incredulity; unless on this instant same second, all could return to OUR GOD CREATOR AND FATHER, even it’s just TOO LATE.
    The GRACE FROM HASHEM ITS with You & Wife, one of few places of FAITH ITS under Your own Personal feet for EVERLASTING NEVER END, as HE HAS COMMANDED YOU IN FAITH as ABRAHAM Did – to OBEY HIS WORDS and PROMISES. IT WILL BE ONE OF THE FEW PLACES in earth and America.
    We have so many fronts to tackle, that had become so arid & sad difficult to have Mercenary Warrior SOLDIERS aligned in HIS ARMY to fight back.
    Seen what the rebel revolutionary Democratic Party had planned to this land, its so evil zatanic demonic wrath, as preferences in all flesh, are $$$$$$$$ -me-me-me- Letting GOD nothing to see WHO HE IS. THE I AM OF I AM ONLY GOD…!

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