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The LORD is Stretching, Not Stressing You! — 8 Comments

  1. Hello, I don’t really reply (more of a lurker) but I feel the need to comment on your message.  I am an active duty military member who is currently “being stretched” with having suffered an immobilizing back injury, which has in turn led to an even more severe occasion of Deep Vein Thrombosis down the entirety of my left leg.  Currently I am undergoing observation in a US Hospital in Germany, finally on my way back stateside.  Thank you for your message; it has blessed me through the leading of the Holy Spirit, and most importantly, through the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

    Please continue in your work and know that you are making a difference in the lives of those who read your messages.

    Senior Chief, USN

  2. Great message sister June,this message is for me and what I am going through now. Please pray for me. Shalom.

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