The LORD is Unlocking Ancient Scrolls


Early this morning, I saw in the Spirit, a feathered quill being placed into a hand!

Then I heard Father say, “In this hour, I have prepared the feather and tempered the quill.  I have trained your hands to fight and your fingers to do battle”, says God.

I see fresh Oil of Anointing being poured out over hands and fingers in this season.  Many are being stirred up to begin to “write”!

Friends, there is an outpouring of fresh Revelation that is beginning to flow.  It is coming like a mighty River, it is a River of Revelation the current is powerful and penetrating.

WATCH!  In this next season, those who carry a Scribal Anointing will have their hearts set ablaze with Heavenly insights, divine downloads and deeper revelation.

Many will begin to have midnight visitations and glory encounters.  They will be woken suddenly and stirred to begin to write and record what is being revealed and unveiled to them!

“When I saw the “Feather,”  I heard these words, “There is an unlocking of the Ancient Scrolls.”

I saw that there is an unlocking of Kingdom Strategy for Building and for Battle in this hour.  What has been sealed, hidden and locked up, is now being unsealed, revealed and released to the hungry and the thirsty.

I hear Father say “There is a sharpening of the quill,  For I AM releasing a pinpoint accuracy and precision to the writers words

The words will fly like flaming arrows that will pierce the darkness of the soul, bringing the entrance of My Glorious Light,”  says God.

“And what has been written on the hearts before the foundations earth, will suddenly come forth in Greater Power and Authority.

Writers, Be Ready to reap a Harvest in the deeper realms of Greater Revelation and Glory,”  says God.

“Now Psalmists will Arise in this hour with a new sound and a new song.

Their hearts will bubble over with good matter, for their tongue is a pen of a ready writer, they shall birth and bring forth new Songs.  Yes, Songs of Deliverance and Victory in Battle,”  says God.

“Listen,  for the sound of My Word will now go forth carrying the Power of My Redemption and Resurrection giving My people New Hope, New Vision and the Assurance of Great Victory,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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The LORD is Unlocking Ancient Scrolls — 2 Comments

  1. This is amazing. Right before I read this, I mean within minutes I had just finished reading the book of Daniel and of course was focusing on the end of the book where the LORD told Daniel, “Go your way Daniel, for these words are concealed and SEALED up UNTIL the end time.”

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