My Testimony of Supernatural Healing and Protection


At the end of 2013, after a year of persistent coughs and numerous visits to my GP, I decided to visit my ENT Specialist to find out the root of the problem.  Why did I only cough when singing in church or when on the telephone?

The ENT Doctor then managed to see the problem, a large lump in my throat attached to the base of my tongue.  Immediately, he scheduled me for surgery to remove the lump, or actually as he said, to do his best to try to remove it and then, to get a biopsy done to find out what it was.

He told me that I would need to stay in hospital overnight as he doubted if he could stop the bleeding easily, due to the tumour’s location and he also doubted that he would be able to remove it all at one time, again, due to its location, but would surely get enough for a biopsy.  He then scheduled surgery for 8 January 2014.

As Jill, my wife, prayed for me during the operation, the Lord gave her a rhēma word for me in Romans 10:13, saying whoever shall call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

As I awoke from the surgery, I felt great with no bleeding, no pain but feeling hungry.  When the Doctor came to see me, he was amazed with my condition.  He then told me that, Praise the Lord, he had managed to stop the bleeding while I was still on the operating table and secondly, that he had managed to take out the whole lump cleanly and with no trouble.

Oh What a wonderful Lord we serve, as He showed his healing hand on me from the beginning!

Since I could eat a normal meal and was in no discomfort, I was discharged by late afternoon and, Praise the Lord, avoided a night in hospital!

One week later, we got the biopsy result which said the 22.5mm (7/8″) dia. lump he removed from the base of my tongue was cancerous and we need to visit an oncologist to get it sorted out.  We duly met with an oncologist and I underwent a PET Scan to find the extent of the spread, if any.  The results showed that I was at stage 2A and that although there was no visible sign of cancer now in my tongue,  there  was a small spot in my neck, adjacent to the tongue.

The oncologist then determined that I needed 7x Chemotherapy and 35x concurrent Radiation treatments.  Apparently doing Chemotherapy and Radiation at the same time is more effective.

Given the Word of the Lord from Romans 10:13, Jill and I felt at ease with this and continued to pray and call upon the Lord, knowing that the cancer was actually gone, in Jesus Name.  Indeed a friend, a noted prophet with a healing ministry met us at this stage for lunch and said bluntly he would not pray for healing, for there was nothing now to heal!  He, the Lord, had done the job!  So we proceeded in confidence.

Then the oncologist and the radiation technicians began to warn us about what we should expect as throat and tongue cancers are particularly troublesome for the patient with potential serious side effects, such that not all patients can take it and complete the treatment regime.  “Treatment” we were told for many, “was worse than the disease,” with burning skin and blisters and possible bleeding on the neck to be expected, while on the inside, blisters, ulcers and bleeding of the throat, tongue and inside of the mouth.  These side effects were such that most patients needed to install a tube for eating, as swallowing becomes too painful and when that happens, a weight loss of 10-20+ Kg. is normal.  From their experience, “everyone,” we were told, “has blisters.”

As we listened to the litany of doom and gloom, Jill and I stayed calm,  renouncing the side effect symptoms and declaring that I would go through this 7-8 weeks of treatment without side effects.  That was our prayer and our only concern, for the Lord said I was already saved!

About two weeks into the treatment, as we continued to pray in faith, stand on His Word, trusting God and believing  that  His supernatural power will be manifested in the natural, Jill received another rhēma word from the Lord relating to Daniel 3.  The Lord said that the consuming fire of the LORD will destroy all cancer cells, and all else that is good shall be preserved, and shall not be consumed.  Just as the LORD delivered Daniel’s friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who were cast into the fiery furnace and were not burnt to death, we understood and believed that GOD would deliver me, as I went through the 35 sessions of radiation therapy.

We believed that I would come out of it without being scorched and without side effects.  Yes, He who is faithful and powerful,  would deliver and restore me to divine health!   In spite of all that had happened to others, we believed that His supernatural power would be manifested in the natural, in the fullness of time.  At all times, we prayed that all glory to be His and His alone!!!

As a result, I did well and we reinstated our online prayer ministry which I had previously cancelled, thinking  that I would not have time to manage it and do the daily servicing and updating of His Kingdom Prophecy website at the same time.  But the Lord had other plans and by March 2, 2014, at my 4/7 chemo and my 19/35 radiations, the oncologist was quite amazed that I looked so well, more than halfway through the course of treatment, and with no weight loss.

Yes, my neck skin was a little bit sunburnt, but then the Lord supernaturally told Jill to apply ‘Aloe Vera’ and that solved the problem.  Yes, my taste-buds were not working so well, and most food tasted of nothing at all, but that was more a mental issue than a physical issue.  Physically, I could eat more or less whatever I wanted.  Yes, I suffered fatigue, but as the oncologist warned me about stressing or over-exerting myself, that was to be expected since I reduced my already limited exercise regime to almost nil.

But all in all, the side effects of the treatment were very minimal indeed, and all praise and glory to GOD in the Highest for that!!!

Daily,  we continued to pray for GOD’s direction and His will be done …  in seeking the LORD for guidance and wisdom on the next course of action.  Again during the 4th week, the LORD spoke to Jill in John 11:4 as He has said to Mary and Martha assuringly, “This illness does not lead to death.  It is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.”   This was a great word of blessing from the Lord, so clear and concise and encouraging.

As a result of the Lord’s hand over my life, I came out after the completion of the 7 weeks of radiation treatment, unburnt!!  Praise God!!

Week after week, the oncologist was expecting my condition to turn worse because of the harsh treatment.  However, he was continually amazed from Week 3 – 8!!

Finally, at the end of the treatment when, again the doctor could find no words to express his amazement, Jill told him, it was God who had preserved me.  He replied smiling, “You must have a direct line to Him!” which we both agreed was true!  As Jill said to him, “Yes, we do and you can have it too if you want it!”

He then went on to say jokingly, “I wonder if we have done something wrong in the treatment” to which Jill replied, “What’s that?”   “Well,” he said, “maybe my guys have forgotten to turn on the radiation machine!!  This is so unusual!”

And so, we all laughed!!!!  Glory to God!!!  He is awesome!!!  Hallelujah!!!

Thank you, and I do mean all of you from all around the world, those known to me and those unknown to me, for all standing with us in prayer.  The Lord, our God, has heard all the prayers and answered them in His own unique fashion!!  Amen!!!  Thank YOU, Jesus!!!

As I close, I would be remiss to omit that our Lord is a God of the small things as well as the large.  I say this because each time we went for the daily radiation treatment, a car park space was provided for us in an otherwise tiny car park and that there was never any waiting time, no matter if I arrived early or late for my daily treatment appointment.

During all this time the Lord also did wonders in our marriage and family and our relationship as husband as wife has never been better.  We have come to know and appreciate each other in new ways and are prepared jointly for whatever the Lord leads us to in life and ministry, for we do feel a new chapter of life is about to open before us.  Certainly we now hear the Lord with a clarity and ease we never experienced before.

Yes, we serve an awesome God who is just as concerned about the details as He is about the big picture items.  No detail is too small nor a big picture too big for our God!

And  what now?   Well, in 2 weeks I go back to visit my ENT doctor for a check-up and then in another 3 months or so, I do another PET Scan to convince the doctors what we already know, The Lord won the day, Victory is His and He was true to His Word!!!!   Thank YOU, Jesus!!  To God be all praise and glory!!!  Amen!!!


I pray that this testimony will bless you and others as you share it.   In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

~ AngusHKO icon



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  1. Proverbs 18:10 (NKJV)
    The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.