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The LORD says: I Will Overturn Oppressive Regimes — 1 Comment

  1. Amazing timing, praise you Jesus son of The Living God. In due time Jezebel will be Judged, Ahab will be found wondering amongst the dogs.

    Lord, it’s pleased you to make things this way, for if you hadn’t given Jezebel and Ahab so many warnings and had not extended your Salvation and Love to then they simply would not be Guilty of their deliberate apostasy and their great blasphemys. For they war not against your annointed, but they rage war against you Lord, you your self is who they confront, for you are a Mighty Warrior.

    Your grace is more than sufficient, than in due time all the Elijahs will come forward out their caves and the Holy Fire of your Glory will be displayed and those who mourned will llaugh in joy and those who hungered will be satisfied, for you Jesus not only prepare a table before our enemies, but you are our bread, our water and our full portion. King of Kings, you areare worthy son o f the Living God.

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