The Lord says: I Will Overturn Oppressive Regimes


I was watching the news about LA Sheriff scandal [December 2013] and >12 people arrested who work in the LA County jail for oppressing the inmates and even visitors.  One visitor was beaten from which the investigation was pursued.

Almost immediately the Lord said as I saw this, “I am going to overturn old oppressive regimes in the world and in the church. You will see many removed through exposure of corruption, through resignations and through death.”

The SWORD of the LORD

“The Sword I have in My hand will come across the heads of the Saul’s in the church unwilling to surrender to My Will.  For those who are willing to turn the reins over to Me, they will be spared.  But I will bring low those puffed up in their arrogance who think only THEIR WILL is to be followed instead of submitting to My will.

A Good leader is to be like the Father.  He is to generate the life of Christ in those they teach, not to create dependency on himself or even his or her ministry.  The church NEEDS to be open and not an exclusive oligarchy.  It is to be open and flowing with no walls allowing all to function in the gifts I have given them.

You need to listen to one another with discerning ears, not intolerance.  My love poured out will eliminate all this intolerance, so pray and WORSHIP without strife and rest in My arms to get MY blueprint for your life, and that of MY CHURCH.”


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The Lord says: I Will Overturn Oppressive Regimes — 1 Comment

  1. Amazing timing, praise you Jesus son of The Living God. In due time Jezebel will be Judged, Ahab will be found wondering amongst the dogs.

    Lord, it’s pleased you to make things this way, for if you hadn’t given Jezebel and Ahab so many warnings and had not extended your Salvation and Love to then they simply would not be Guilty of their deliberate apostasy and their great blasphemys. For they war not against your annointed, but they rage war against you Lord, you your self is who they confront, for you are a Mighty Warrior.

    Your grace is more than sufficient, than in due time all the Elijahs will come forward out their caves and the Holy Fire of your Glory will be displayed and those who mourned will llaugh in joy and those who hungered will be satisfied, for you Jesus not only prepare a table before our enemies, but you are our bread, our water and our full portion. King of Kings, you areare worthy son o f the Living God.