The LORD Spoke: “Transformational Joy”


The LORD spoke, “Transformational joy,” so I listened some more…

“In My presence is fullness of JOY!  In My presence is all that you need to live a godly life.

I AM the Resource, the ROOT of Jesse, and all of you are rooted in ME.

Just as the roots of a plant bring minerals and vitamins to the plant, abiding in ME gives you all you need to have abundant life.

I tell you truly that eye has not seen, nor ear heard all that is in store for those who love Me.

I AM the Father of Lights and every good and perfect gift comes from Me.  And I AM about to pour out such gifts, and such light that will TRANSFORM you into all you have longed for ! FREEDOM is coming.

Jubilee is coming!  You will rejoice and be glad, though the world will languish in pain as I shake the earth.

I will shake all that can be shaken.  I will shake the earth free of the dominance of man’s will.

I will shake it free of the manipulation and control of man’s kingdoms.

I will shake off of My beloveds the chains of the enemy that you may walk in the fullness of My love, kindness and power.

I know that what you see in the news torments your hearts and weighs some down.  But DO NOT FEAR!

For I have overcome the world.  You are strangers here.  There is another more abundant life beyond this life for you who have surrendered to Me.

I AM wooing My bride ever closer to Me and into MY HEART.  There will be turmoil and violence filling the earth.

But at the same time, My people will increasingly SHINE WITH MY GLORY and do great exploits in My name.

This is not just for the big ministries or the well known evangelists.  This is for ALL who are willing to come to Me!

There is no age barrier, no class barrier, no race barrier to MY GLORY!

I will pour out GRACE on whomever I CHOOSE.  And I have an abundance of GRACE stored up for this hour !

I WILL APPREHEND YOUR CHILDREN!  I WILL not leave you nor forsake you.

Though all around you seems in turmoil… you will walk in PEACE as you KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME.

Nothing can by any means snatch you out of My hand.  You WILL SEE marvelous miracles and signs and wonders and nothing will ever be the same My beloveds!


Watch how much I will do as you listen to the still small voice!  I AM WITH YOU.

No matter how much the enemy tries to drown out My voice…YOU will hear it.

Just like when Moses took the consecrated people to me at the base of Sinai…You who are willing, will receive all you have longed for.

You will hear the sounds of the trumpets. You will walk with ME, and you will have visitations of angels to encourage and protect and guide you.

This is not just for a few elite people.  This is for ALL.  It is for the children for I’ve said, unless you become as a little child, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven!

Your children and grandchildren will be greatly blessed!

Your sons and daughters who have strayed will RETURN to My heart, because I WILL DRAW THEM.  I WILL TOUCH THEM, and they will be TRANSFORMED!

Husbands and wives who have resisted will fall down on their knees and be changed ! NOTHING is impossible.

Don’t you understand?  Have you not seen?  The LORD God of Israel IS THE MIGHTY ONE, the ALL-MIGHTY ONE.

I AM not manipulated easily, though like a father on earth, I love to give in to the requests of my sons and daughters.

I AM not like you.  I AM Spirit.  My KINGDOM will invade this starving world and you will ALL make a difference with your lives!

I promise you that not one stone will be unturned.  Not one life will be “missed”.  There will be no excuse for turning from ME.

I will transform even the most hardened criminals and seemingly hopeless sicknesses and diseases.  DO NOT GIVE IN TO DESPAIR!

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH!  Without faith it is impossible to please Me.  You know this.

Ask and you shall receive all you need.  Ask and it will be given you, pressed down and running over, will I answer all your prayers that are in My will.

Keep your focus on ME and MY KINGDOM.  FEAR not the one who prowls around like a roaming lion.




~ Priscilla

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