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The LORD Will Be with You — 5 Comments

  1. God Bless you brother Jay for your comments urging people to stand up to challenge the sin of sacrificing babies. Your word is in line with Mario Murillo’s warnings from the Lord to the church in America on Elijah list released on June 7th, 2022. He said, its either the Church speak out against evil now or will forever hold their Peace. We pray God fill his bride in America with spirit of boldness to speak out against satanic agenda in America. Thanks.

  2. Thank you June.  I have faith and trust in the Lord for plan A.  Please pray for me.  Thank you.
    God bless you for your obedience to post these from His heart for us.
    We need them.

  3. There is a saying follow the money when you are looking to unravel evil schemes. Being on the inside of God’s plans you can also follow His leading by following LIFE, when someone is speaking or prophesying just ask what this has to do with life are their words a form of oppression are they about freedom are they leading to goodness. The roe vs wade supreme court judgment is to be placed into law on June 13, 2022, Gods is the one causing this impossible event to come to pass because He is all about life. Yes He is working out many other impossible situations but this one is number one, we cannot be spending our tax dollars on evil of this height and expect to live in God’s best, sink your teeth into this issue like a bulldog and tear at the kingdom of darkness with no thought of ever letting go or giving up GODS WILL IS DONE!

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