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The LORD’s Appointed Times — 10 Comments

    • Amen to you also Wong E Zin. He so loves you. Jesus is the lover of our soul We are His beloved and He is ours. Thanks be unto God. Blessings to you, Sandi Holman

  1. God bless you woman of God! I’m blessed! I also appreciate your humility in responding to others prophecy. I’m humbled by that.

    • Dear Success, Thank you for your very kind words. I love that the Lord always reminds me that the ground is level at the foot of the cross. We are all just his appointed servants and we all have a part to play. Carrying the heart of God has been a very humbling experience. Thanks so much for your encouraging input. Many blessings to you, Sandi

  2. This is so beyond profound dear anointed woman of God ..may you continue to be a blessing to the body of Christ ..thank you Jesus and thank you Sandi

    • Dear Roopa, your kind words and blessings are so appreciated. we are blessed to bless. Many prayers and blessings to you, Sandi

  3. Thank you Sandy for posting this eloquent timely and full of power and truth word for us to digest.  He is never late and has never lost a battle. I am learning to wait for restoration of all things and in the waiting I am praying for faith to endure to the end.  I am praying for repentance and mercy for all the nations specially for Israel to know the true Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am coveting the prayers of all the readers of these postings to cover the children of this world for protection from the enemy and that the Lord will use these little ones for His glory as He pours out His Spirit upon all flesh.  Much love to you and yours!!!

    • So grateful MF for your response and as I heard the Lord speak about His powerful appointed times, I realized as you said, it is so full of truth that will be carried out that is almost hard to digest…the power of His appointments and times are so special because He is carrying out His plan just as He said. Praying with you for all the children..we could never have imagined the cruelty that is taking place with the children of this world. Love and grace to you as we stand still to the rescue from our Father. Sandi

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