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Alarm Mighty Warriors — 6 Comments

    • Thank You Priscilla!  I appreciate your feedback!  We keep praising the Lord and praying for those chained in deception that their souls are delivered! Blessing in Jesus’ Name!  Angela

  1. Thank you Sandy, I appreciate your feedback and agree the length of my posts need work!  I am so grateful for your ministry as well!  Blessings to you dear sister in Christ! ️

  2. A very long story, Angela, but such a picture of what we are witnessing in our ‘christian’ world today. I loved the bottom line..”Once God has called and commissioned us, all we must do is obey Him in faith.  God will do the rest.  God cannot lie and He never fails. Faith means obeying God in spike of what we see, how we feel and what the consequences might be. Once God reveals His Will to us, we must never question His Wisdom or argue with His Plans.” May all who have been called and commissioned obey and step forward in FAITH for it is the substance of things hoped for. Thanks for sharing this beautiful truth. Blessings, Sandi Holman

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