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The LORD’s Fireball From Heaven — 3 Comments

  1. I had this dream long time ago(20 years back) and still remember it. I was a child then.I’m from India born in a Hindu family. Now a child of God, baptized in the Holy spirit. I have been searching from long what this dream meant. But I was certain that God gave me the dream and had a purpose for it. I truly believe that there is a outpouring of the Holy spirit in the times to come. Amen

  2. I found you googling fireball down from heaven.  Last night I had a dream and in my dream great balls of fire west sent down from heaven and people were running and screaming in fear.  I also saw people praising and worshiping the lord as well.  In my dream i prayed asking the father to remember me as I knew I haven’t been on the right path.  In my dream it felt as if i knew a prophecy was being fulfilled.  Once i awaken, I looked on the internet to search for meaning, only to find you had had this dream as well..maybe more defined.  I read your experience and word and I thank the most high for the words of enlightenment…Many blessings ..

  3. I just finished reading about “Black Moon eclipse which is happening August 21st. A Black Moon by the seasonal definition occurs 7 times in 19 years. Every 19 years the phases of the moon recur on or near the same calendar dates. I have not heard anyone talk about this happening . I have been studying the Word and saw it.  Then today Earth Sky News has the article!!  Also Prophecy news;an article Eclipse Begin a period of “40 Days and 40 Nights” for America!!!! I had a “dark Orange Moon” over my farm “Hope Mountain” 2 wks ago> Sister in Christ, Nancy Holste, Fall City, Washington

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