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The LORD’s Love Will Hunt You Down! — 9 Comments

  1. Was snaking out the sewer line for the landlord because it was plugged.  Sac a riliac in lower left side of back (sciatic nerve) was tight and painful going through my butt and out my hamstring.  At a word of knowledge from Tracy Cooke and Richard Roberts the stiffness left and I now have free mobility with a pain free back!  Thank you Lord Jesus!  All the glory goes to God!  We have a good, good Daddy, amen!

  2. YES Veronika, I was praying into John 4:23 and the Holy Spirit Illuminated to me that He Seeks after those who worship Him in Spirit and Truth!!Then I looked at Isa 62:12 We will be called “Sought Out” I had always just thought we would be sought out by the Hungry this Morning God was saying We are Sought Out By Him!! Ez 34:11 I Myself will search for My sheep and Seek them out!!!

  3. certainly feels like God has shown me mercy today could of gone so much horribly worse. Thank you Jesus….

  4. This is so beautiful and encouraging word from our faithful saviour.  Thank you Veronica for your beautiful heart towards the Lord and King, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!!!

  5. A much needed confirmation for me as well.
    With eternal gratitude, thank You Abba, Your a Good Father.
    Thank you Veronika.
    God bless you beautiful lady. :)

  6. Beautiful confirmation for me this morning as I woke up with the song “The Goodness of God is running after me” in my spirit and my head before I even read your post. The Lord bless you and keep you.

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